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Symths is a shop when we think about it as typically a toy shop. This is somewhere frequently we can be found browsing looking for Jess. However, how many of you knew that they actually sell a wide range of baby items. Including prams, car seats and everything else, you need when you are having a baby?. This is for sure something which I did not know I am not in the minority here. Symths have listened and have relaunched The Baby Room which is the area that houses all of the baby essentials in store from the 16th March.

This is for sure somewhere which I would visit should I have another child in the future to have a look at the products. Due to the fact, that they have a lot of the items out.  This means you can see their actual size and feel how heavy they are. This is something which is great because when we were looking for a new pram we wanted something lightweight.  I was actually very lucky and invited to one of the Symths stores to have a look around relaunched Baby Room.

To celebrate the relaunch they have a new catalog released especially. There will be a whole load of fantastic deals and offers one which is running is 20% off of car seats and travel systems which runs from the 16th-22nd March. Not to mention competitions and a fab Twitter party to take part in which takes place on Friday 16th March at 1 pm #thebabyroom. Where they are giving away £200 in vouchers and a Jolie car seat both amazing prizes to win.


All of the big brands are stocked within The Baby Room such as Graco, Joie, Tommee Tippee, and Lamaze to name just a few. All brands that us parents are aware of and know are of high quality. If you are looking for a pushchair there is a large range which you would be able to push around to get a feel for them. This is something which I have done in the past because we were looking for one which was going to work with commuting. Symths are also selling a pram that folds up into a bag and weighs next to nothing. This would be something which would be amazing should you be traveling. I can imagine this is something that would work if you were using a plane. They also sell  3 in 1 travel systems for under £200 which is a bargain. I know we spent a hell of a lot more money than that when we purchased our system even if it was second-hand.

Car Seats

If you’re looking to buy a new car seat you should head on down to your local Smyths. They provide free car seat fitting by trained experts all year round. They will even fit them into your car seat they are so knowledgeable about what seat is best for you.  If it is one with an isofix base, or if your car already has isofix so can use this. I actually learned all about Isofix as this is not something that was huge when Jess was younger. However, I am sure this is something which we would look into using in the future. Staff also know all the guidelines on the weights which your child has to be. After all, there are a few different stages when it comes to car seats. This is something that I ended up learning a lot about as well. For example,  I did not realise that Jess is close to the weight when she can use the seatbelt instead of the 5 piece harness. They also stock car seats that are suitable for children up to the age of 12 so not just baby and infant car seats. I wish I had known about this when we were looking at changing Jess’s car seat. This is something that I spent a lot of time researching and I ended up ordering online.  I was not confident I had made the best choice but it would have been nice to have a qualified expert to tell me.


They also sell some toys there are ones which you clip on to the pram which is are great. These are things that we used a lot to keep Jess entertained.  These are a great thing to have we have since purchased toys from the Symths Baby Room for friends kids. Bath Toys are also another element which they sell. This is great because finding some bath toys can be hard in person usually we end up purchasing online. They are also selling some top-to-tail baths if this is something which you are going to think about using. This is not something that we have used with Jess. Since we have actually, purchased a play mat for Troy from Smyths as this was the cheapest place for it. I would highly recommend checking out Smyths as usually, they have a lot of stock in and at great competitive prices too.


I for sure will be checking out the baby room should we need anything for Jess.  Even though she is two and half now.  I will be recommending to friends who have children or those who are going to be parents in the future

Did you know Smyths had the baby room?


Charlotte xx

This post is in collaboration with Symths however, all words are my own as always


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