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Driving with a baby in the car can sometimes be the most stressful thing ever, especially when they’re newborn. Other times it can be easy when the motion puts the baby to sleep leaving you to be able to fully concentrate on the road. Regardless of how it goes for you – driving can often be unavoidable. This means that a decent car and a car seat are essential purchases. Recently, I was searching how to handle this situation better and discovered a study by a UK contract hire and leasing firm All Car Leasing titled ‘Baby Driver’.  Which looks at the behaviours and habits of parents who drive or have driven with babies in the vehicle.

I noticed straight away from the study is if you’re a person who gets anxious about driving with a baby in tow you’re definitely not alone. Most respondents worry about getting lost if it was their first baby and the second worry is ‘other drivers’. This makes sense and I feel the same when travelling in the car.


Shockingly, 37% of the 1,200 parents All Car Leasing surveyed said they had been in an accident while the baby was in the car. This is a number which actually shocked me. It seems a lot higher than what I thought it would be. I wonder where this is due to having a baby in the car causing more anxiety for the driver. I know we used to be worried that Jess would throw up in the car. She used to suffer from travel sickness on shorter journeys rather than longer ones. Or was it the baby causing distractions which ultimately lead to the driver making an mistake and an accident occurring.


I was looking to see how people keep babies occupied in the car. Sometimes we do actually find it hard to keep Jess occupied in the car. Obviously she has travelled a lot in the car from a very young age. From the respondents to All Car Leasing it sees that talking its the most used form of distraction. I still use distraction whether this is talking to her or also singing. This is for sure the techniques which other parents use. This was followed by toys which is something which we do not use often in the car. We always found that Jess would drop them and then this would mean she cried. We used to have to stop and give it to her. 89% of parents use distraction so it shows that babies in general usually were not happy just been in the car in the first place. They need someone or something to keep them calm.#

I would recommend having a look at the study and finding out more. I have only selected a small part to comment on.  Whether you are a first time parent or you have a child already. I love to find out more if I am effectively normal when it comes to parenting. I do worry sometimes even now about having Jess in the car and of course, she is 3 1/2.  Another element I found shocking is that 2 in 3 new parents purchase a new car as a result of having a new bundle of joy. This is not something which we have done but we know a number of people who have done this.

For sure I will be checking this article out again should we have an additional child. The reason behind this is because, I think that I have forgotten a lot which I knew when Jess was a newborn and we did a lot of travelling.

How do you feel about travelling with a baby or newborn in the car?

Charlotte xx

This is a sponsored post by All Car Leasing


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