Baby And Toddler Show Spring 2020 Haul

A couple of weeks back before Covid-19 actually hit hard. We headed to the baby and toddler show in Manchester with Troy. We already had a lot of the bigger item for Troy which meant we did not need to purchase a lot for him. So we through if we saw anything which we may need there we would purchase it for him. I must admit we ended up purchasing a fair few bits for him.

The first item which we purchased was from Snugglebundl. Even Joe was blown away by this item it is an innovative car blanket.  Which allows you to move your child from their car seat to their bed without actually waking them up. If your a parent you will know it can be challenging to do this. We can confirm in the times we have managed to use this product that it does actually work. It can be used to 18 months we have found it even useful when Troy has fallen asleep downstairs on us. He has not woken up when we have used it to transfer him into the moses basket. I will be going a full review on this product in the future when we have used it more. Currently these are £40 but I would highly recommend them.

We ended up getting a bundle from Mybuggybuddy which is going to be great for the summer should we be out of lockdown. Or even for those walks which we are allowed to do while we are still able to exercise. The first item is something which is already attached to our pram and it is a universal drink pocket. This means that I can take a drink out with me at all times. It attaches to the pram so I do not have to worry and bend down and get my drink.

The other item which we got from them is the coolbag which is going to be great for keeping things cool. When we take a number of drinks out on a day out or we have taken food with us. I think we will end up getting a lot of use out of this when Troy starts weaning at the start of July. Again something handy to have in the summer months. You could even store medication in it which needs to be kept cold. I remember this been a pain when Jess was on some antibiotics.

The final item from this bundle was a Cosatto sunbusting shade. Which allows you to rotate and move the sunshade to block the sun no matter where it is. This can be attached to any pram or even a car seat we have noticed sometimes that Troy will get the sun in his eyes while travelling in the car. We thought that this product would be ideal for stopping this happening. We actually got the cuddle monster design and this is something which I am looking forward to using in the upcoming weeks while the sun is out.

Another big purchase which we made that day was the Hippychick Hipseat. This is another clever little device which we had never thought about. I am so glad we purchased it is a back support belt.  Which allows you to carry your child from 6 months to 3 years. This helps protect your back when they become tired and then need a carry you can just put them on the seat part and off you go.

This is going to be great when we find that Troy wants to walk a bit at somewhere like the park but can not walk all the way there and back we are not going to have to take the pram out with us. I think this should have been around the £40 however, I seem to remember we paid about £25. They do come in a range of shades however, we chose the coffee shade.

The final items which we purchased at the baby and toddler show was from a brand called Tagtogs. As you might already know we use reusable nappies and wipes. So we purchased another wet bag we purchased this in a medium size with a beautiful fox design. I purchase this with the idea of been able to put some snacks in it and spoon and things when weaning does come around. As you can tell I like to be organised and have everything.

The other item which we purchased was some more reuseable wipes we got a range of different patterns. We found we needed a few more than we actually had so we purchased these. I seem to remember they are about £1 a wipe.. The designs on these are amazing. Should we need any more in the future I think I will be purchasing off them again. It might sound sad but I can not wait to get them into circulation and using them. I have held off until I have photographed them.

Have you ever been to a baby and toddler show if so what did you think? Did you purchase anything which you could not be without?


Charlotte xxx

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