Reasons Not To Subvert A Traditional Wedding

Much has been written online about the need to reduce wedding traditions.  To go down your own path, and to find something that is completely, uniquely yours. It’s not hard to see why. That sounds tremendous, and for the right people, it can be a blessing. But should we focus on only this? It can feel that in an attempt to be unique and different in our wedding advice, we can easily disparage traditions and those who enjoy them. But why? Why should this be the case?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with breaking tradition. In fact, if you feel the same way – feel free to do it! This posts geared towards those who would quite like to follow some traditions, not only because they provide a fantastic template, but because they simply wish to. You shouldn’t feel bad for doing so in the least. After all, traditions come forward for many reasons. Of course, perhaps a dowry or other olden customs are likely not to be represented here, but whatever tradition means to you, it could be a great means forward.


It Provides The Template – You Focus On What Matters

It’s easy to think of a traditional wedding as something that is stifling in its decision-making process, but that’s not the case. Sure, you might decide to get married in a religious institution of your choice, or you might wish to simply do it somewhere else. But a traditional template is not limiting so much as it is guiding. You are still able to change certain matters, or perhaps focus on those expected things.  More closely now that the format has already been decided. For example, you might decide to pay closer attention to DIY wedding invites instead of worrying about if people can make it to a unique venue.  Or the catering will be easier to organize in an actual place designed for this rather than an exterior environment. A traditional wedding can actually save you plenty of headaches or worries about going overboard.  As you know the formula, you know the schedule, and you can them focus on the trimmings.


Every Can Appreciate It

You and your partner might be into some very interesting, oddball activities. For example, you might enjoy free climbing or bungie jumping twice a week. You might wish to skydive or enjoy extreme sports. You might have a fascination with the goth or alternative aesthetic. All of this is great – diversity in interest and expression can only be a good thing! But it might be that your family does not share in these interests that deeply, and so might struggle to enjoy the wedding as much as you can. Now, a hard question comes up here. Should you get married in a form that you enjoy, or that your family enjoys? Often, a compromise can be made. But instead of being overtly selfless or selfish, it can be nice to think of what would make the day more enjoyable. Perhaps you’re happy to rescind your decision to speak your vows while in mid-flight skydive. So that your grandparents can see the event up close, too. After all, it’s not always that you get married, and often the people you share it with can mean more than the unique content of a few minutes. 

On top of that, think of the costs of wedding attendance for those involved. For example, it could be that your plan to get married on a greek beach means hundreds of pounds worth of expenses for your family to simply attend.  As you’ll be not be paying for every ticket. Issues like this can lead a wedding to become quite exclusionary.


Costs & Payments

On top of that, this can save plenty of worrisome arguments should one or both of your parents/in laws be paying for some of the wedding. For example, your parents might be happy to pay for the catering of the wedding as a gift to you and your partner. But if you wish to opt for an exotic catering affair in a strange location, this generosity might dry up quite quickly. Being given a friendly donation for your wedding doesn’t necessarily mean you can use it carte blanche. When money is concerned, emotions can become fickle. Sometimes, a traditional wedding can help subvert that. It’s not the only reason to opt for a traditional wedding of course, and should never be. But it can be one among many.


Of course, you are free to opt for whatever wedding you want. But if you’re on the verge of deciding from going all out or enjoying a traditional ceremony. I hope this article can help you become a little more textured in your reasoning – no matter what you end up going with.

How did you decide what you was going to do for your wedding?


Charlotte x

Why Buying a Used Car Isn’t Always the Best Idea for Your Wallet

When it comes to buying a new car, a lot of us think that buying used is one of the only ways to get an affordable vehicle. While this might be true for the initial cost of the car, any extra interest and other fees also need to be taken into consideration. What you’re left with is a used car that might have cost less initially, but will end up costing you more over a long period. So in this post, I am going to talk about why buying a used car isn’t always the best idea for your wallet and what you can do instead to stabilise your financial situation.

Older cars take more effort to maintain

The first thing to think about is how much effort and money an older car takes to maintain. Older cars are typically more expensive to maintain because they’re difficult to work with and the parts might not be readily available. Certain replacements and repairs can be particularly difficult to manage especially if you’re not speaking to a specialised mechanic. This is something I would look into before purchasing an older car. Joe’s car is 9 years old now and we still can get the parts for the car. 

Older cars are less fuel-efficient

Older vehicles are also less fuel-efficient because they’re running on inefficient engines. Most electric or even hybrid vehicles are perfect for getting more mileage out of your fuel costs. If you’re looking to own a vehicle that you can spend less money on. Then looking at fuel economy is an important consideration. You do not want to end up spending all of your money on fuel after all. 

Older cars are more expensive to upkeep

When looking at new Vauxhall car offers, you might notice that there are plenty of cheaper insurance options and financing deals that ultimately make your car cheaper to upkeep. Older cars typically need to worry about things such as higher fuel costs, higher insurance premiums (often due to the car having fewer security and safety features) and potentially even higher car tax if it produces a lot of carbon emissions.

Older cars are more difficult to upgrade

If you’re purchasing an older car then you might find that performing security or safety-related upgrades can be quite challenging. This is especially true if, again, you don’t have a local mechanic that specialises in odd jobs for your vehicle. This can greatly increase the costs of certain upgrades and there are even certain older vehicles that can’t support modern improvements and renovations.

Older cars don’t offer peace of mind

Lastly, there is the added peace of mind of buying a car that you know just works. For instance, an older vehicle might come with a lot of miles which indicates that all of the parts have been well-used. Unless the vehicle itself has been upgraded several times then there’s a good chance that it’s simply going to end up breaking down in the near future and requiring hundreds of pounds worth of upgrades or fixes.

In conclusion, an old car doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re saving money especially if you consider the long-term costs involved. Instead, it’s important to think about how much an old car will cost over time versus a new car. Of course, this is always up to you what you do becauyse you know your situation better than anyone else. 

Have you purchased a used car?

Charlotte x


OGGS Ethical Cakes Reviews 

Recently OGGS got in touch to ask if they could send me some of their new dairy-free and egg-free cakes. They wanted me to discover if I could see myself swapping sweet treats which I purchase at the moment for something different. Vegan cakes are not something which I would normally purchase in a supermarket. This may because I thought they are going to be super expensive. I felt like they were going to be dry compared to non-vegan cakes. This could be as a result of having no eggs in the mixture.

OGGS are trying to change the world they are trying to have as little impact as possible. From reducing their carbon emissions. They do not want to be involved in human trafficking and animals, of course, being a vegan company. You do not have to be vegan to want to save the planet of course helping reduce carbon emissions helps so much anyway. I know this is something which actually appealed to me.

OGGS to make their cakes vegan have replaced the eggs with a plant-based protein called aquafaba. This is not something which I have heard much about before OGGS. OGGS are not trying to make everyone vegan at all they just want to be able to provide plant-based alternatives to everyday foods. Of course, with every bite of the sweet treat, you have had the reassurance that there is a positive impact on the environment as a result of your choice.

I was very lucky to be sent a pack of 4 which includes all the of the flavours which OGGs are currently making. These are actually Salted Caramel, Zesty Lemon, Chocolate Fudge and Victoria Sponge. Of course, I had the hard job of having to test them I did enlist the help of Joe. I thought I would treat him because after all, it is a very hard job having to taste cake. If you purchase OGGs you would get two of the same flavours however, it is hard to choose which one you will want to consume.  I think my favourite had to be the lemon drizzle which is actually surprising because this is not one I would have chosen. It was not too sharp like some lemon cakes can be.  I would say my least favourite is the salted caramel however, this is one which Joe loved. This just goes to show it is personal preference.

For sure I had a huge surprise when I tried the OGGS I was not expecting them to be as nice as they are actually are. If you had not told me they were vegan I would have had no clue. They taste as good as not as better than a non-vegan version of cupcakes. They are not dry which is a worry for me. I found them to be very nice and for sure something which I would purchase again. More so if I had a friend who was vegan coming over they would be perfect with a cup of tea.

Where can you purchase?

These OGGS cakes are available in Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.  The cakes are priced at £2.20 for a 2-pack, £4.25 for a 4-pack and £4.95 for a 5″ cake. You can find out more about OGGS and what they do here.

Have you tried vegan cakes?

Charlotte xx



Turn Your Hobby Into An Income

Many of us take up hobbies for fun, but it’s possible your hobby could also be an extra source of income. Here are just five hobbies that you can make money from.

Arts & Crafts

Hobbies like knitting, jewellery making, painting and sculpting can be great sources of income. There’s a large market out there for hand-crafted items – lots of people shop on sites like Etsy and attend craft fairs looking for such items. If you’re looking to turn it into a full-time career, it could be worth investing in a few tools like glue guns or sewing machines so that you can be more productive. That said, you may prefer to keep it as a side hustle allowing you to work in your own time.


Baking can also be a great hobby to make money out of. You could set up your own bake sale, or you could do something more elaborate such as starting a wedding cake business. For those considering a serious business, buying a few professional cake decorating tools could be necessary. Alternatively, you can take up baking jobs as they arise and keep it as a small project to do in your free time. Of course, you are going to need to look into food safety standards if you’re going to sell food. 


Those with green fingers could consider turning gardening into a job. There are plenty of people out there who will pay good money for someone to help maintain their garden. You could also help people to choose new plants and even help with landscaping designs. It’s possible to take a course in horticulture, which could help your credibility when finding clients. Alternatively, you may be happy helping out with the odd job here and there, picking up work through friends and family. I know this is something which I would pay good money for because this is something which I can struggle with finding time for at the moment.

Performing music

If you can sing or play an instrument, you could consider making some money performing. From busking to playing gigs, there are plenty of ways to make money. If performing in front of a live audience is too scary, there may be other ways to make money from your musical talent such as picking up jobs on Fiverr (a lot of budding producers may be looking for people to sing on their tracks, whilst singers may be looking for producers and instrumentalists to provide backing music).


Photography is a popular hobby – and it can be a very well-paid career. Breaking into a career in photography isn’t easy and usually involves a lot of networking. Many people start by photographing weddings, baptisms, gigs and other events for family and friends, usually only charging small amounts. From here you can make a name for yourself and branch out into other types of photography. You may also be able to make money by selling photos online to businesses and publications. You may also be able to work with models who are just starting out their career – some may be willing to pay you to help get their foot in the door and build a profile.


Blogging can also be a way to make money. By enabling ads on your blog and getting lots of people to visit, it could be possible to make money through ad revenue. You can also consider sponsored content and paid reviews – you can pick up such work at sites like Fiverr. This could be a great way to make money if you love to write.

Have you ever turned your hobby into an income?

Charlotte xx


Meal Plan 19th July

Today I am going to be sharing with you the meals we have been consuming this week. I am still not feeling amazing which has meant Joe has had to do a lot of the cooking. This is why there is some super simple meals because I do not want to put too much pressure on him. There is some almost takeaway meals as this is something I have been fancying. However, we do not want to spend the money of takeaways.

Monday-  Sausage Casserole, this something which we have had in the cupboard for a while now. It is something which I want to get used up. I thought this would be the perfect time to do this. This is going to be served with Mash. Something not typically summery.

Tuesday- Pasta, I am unsure what we are actually going to do with the pasta. For sure it will be actually cool because the weather is meant to be super hot. I am thinking that I am going to send up doing something like tuna and sweetcorn. We have both of these in the cupboard as well.

Wednesday-  Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas, this is something which I have been fancying for a couple of weeks now.  We decided to have it at home instead of actually having a takeaway its a bit more healthy and saves pennies. I found some fish on offer when I did the weekly Asda shop making it an even cheaper meal.

Thursday-  Egg Fried Rice and Chinese Chicken Curry. I have been craving a Chinese for a long time now however, we still have not found an amazing one in our neighbourhood. We have purchased a packet of egg fried rice, I know I could make this meal easy myself. For ease, as I have said I have not been feeling great we got a takeout Chinese Chicken curry from Asda. This for sure is something which I am looking forward to.

Friday- Burger In A Bowl. This is something which I have seen a range of people do recently, I think it is a slimming world meal. It is almost a big mac which I love however, we hate spending the price of them as recently they have become super expensive. Hopefully, this is a meal which we end up loving and we can make a few more times.

SaturdayTakeaway. We have decided to throw the boat out and have a takeaway, I am working all day. Joe is actually off on Sunday on a course for two weeks. I thought this would a nice treat for us because we rarely have them now. Hopefully, I will be able to eat some of it because I have been eating so little recently. I think we are going to have wraps as this is something which we love from one of the local takeaways. Of course, this is a treat if there are some leftovers, of course, I can have them for lunch the next day as Joe will not be home by then.

Sunday- Chicken Fajitas. This is a meal which I love and seen as it is going to be me and Jess I thought this would be perfect. I am unsure if Jess has every had this meal so hopefully, it is going to be something which she will eat.  We had the ingredients in which I needed to make the fajitas. I am going to season the chicken myself as we don’t have a kit this time. No doubt I will make too much and I will end up having some of this for lunch on Monday.

Of course, like every meal plan, this is linked up with the amazing Katy. I get a lot of the inspiration from her and the linky which she runs. If you are struggling and consuming the same meals I would recommend checking it out. You may find a meal which you love.

What meals are you planning on consuming this week?

Charlotte xxx


When You Need To Do Sudden Home Improvements

It doesn’t matter what the reason is, if you need to do sudden home improvements you need not dip into your savings. Savings are often in unique bank accounts that will punish you if you take a large portion of your money out. For home improvements that need to be made quickly, there are many other methods for finding the funds. But why would you need to make these improvements so urgently? Well, it could be that you want to sell your house. Looking around you can see that it’s been left to get a bit dull and outdated over the years. If you’re going to get the best price possible you need a more contemporary look and feel. Maybe you’re remodelling and want to do so on the cheap and spend too much. It might also be because the older materials are becoming a health hazard.

Into 5-digit territory

It’s a good idea to get an estimate of your total cost for the improvements you want to make. Keep track of the things you are changing and the products you have your eyes on as replacements. If you’re heading into the 5-digit territory this can be deemed a large scale home improvement. Not having that kind of cash on hand for something urgent is not the end of the world because Buddy loans are a direct guarantor loan lender. If you have a friend or relative that is willing to go along with you on your home improvement project.  They can elect to be the guarantor. Their property will be used as the base of guarantee that you will make the payments. If you fail to do so, they will be held responsible to make the payments as their property is liable. So make sure the elected guarantor is someone who you can trust and who also trusts you. You can borrow up to £10,000 and not be afraid of being denied because of bad credit. The shortest term of paying back is 12 months and the longest is 36 months.

Plan a moving day

Home improvements often require the house to first be cleared. Usually, the furniture, ornaments and lamps need to be remove. Wallpaper can not be steamed off and ripped if there are things in the way. You then need to lay a sheet to catch everything which will make the house a mess. Bits of plaster, wood chippings, wallpaper shavings and many more things that will create rubbish need to be caught in a controlled manner.

You don’t want to try and repaint your home while everyone else is still in the same room, living like normal. So plan a moving day whereby you’ll use the day to move the sofa, dining table and chairs out into the garden. However this has to coincide with the weather.  You don’t want these items to get soaked. It’s prudent to buy a tarp which you can put over the top to keep those things safe from the elements and buy more time to get the home refurbished.

Clearance sale

Sometimes in order to move into the future you have to sell off your previous household items. Home improvements are varied in nature and when you want to completely change the interior design and style of the house, the current crop has to go. You can auction off your items or sell them at a garage sale. All manner of things can be sold off to make way for the new. Things that have a big presence in your home such as chairs, tables, sofas, cabinets, wardrobes and drawers. You can then use the proceeds you make from the sale, to buy yourself newer and more stylish pieces for the home. Modern corner sofas are not cheap but they add a new layer of luxury to the home. There are lots of sources on the internet that show you how to conduct a garage sale and get access to smaller auction houses for your more expensive items. You can do this for all the items you have sold, such as replacing them with more contemporary styles.

Usually, making home improvements is a planned affair. You want to make sure you have as much time as possible to get it right. However when you don’t have time or the funds, there are other methods you can use to get the money you need. Either get a guarantor loan or conduct a garage sale of older unwanted items.

How do you fund your house improvements?


Our Weekly Meal Plan 12th July

I can not believe how fast this year is going how are we already in the middle of July. Today I am going to be sharing with you the meals which I have been consuming this week. I am still finding it that I do not have too much of an appetite at the moment. I blame the weather the it so muggy and in the summer I barely want to eat anyway. Anyway on to the meals which I am going to be consuming this week.

Monday- Black Bean and Corn Pitas, this is a meal which I saw on someone else’s meal plan last week. This sounds like a super simple meal, for sure this is something which I need. For sure this is a meal which is very different for me. We love to try and make a wide range of meals. For sure I will let you know how we get on with this meal.

Tuesday- Slow Cooked Hunters Chicken with Wedges, this is a meal which we love. It is something which I order if we do go out for a meal. I saw this recipe on Katy’s site. For me this is a great meal because of course, we do not have to cook in the evening. I can prepare while I am going some work during the day, then it is ready for when Joe comes home.

Wednesday- Peri Peri Chicken and Salad, this is a meal which we decided on for a couple of reasons. One we had some chicken thighs which were in the freezer. This is also do with the humid weather we want something which is a bit more summery. Peri Peri is something which I love anyway and of course, this is cheaper than a meal at Nandos.

Thursday- Chicken Nugget Wraps, this is something which I have been fancying. I actually have the wraps in and nuggets of course, I will be putting some salad in with them. This is something which we have been making as lunches sometimes. I think they are are actually nicer than the McDonald’s wraps and of course are a fraction of the price.

Friday- Spicy Veggie Chilli Burgers, this is a meal which we have had previously. We love to try and do a fakeaway on a Friday. It helps us save money and of course is healthier for us usually. This week we have decided that we are going to have a spicy veggie chilli burgers. This was as result of Joe saying that he fancied a burger.

Saturday- Ham and Mushroom Pasta Bake, I am at work on Saturday so I wanted something easy. This means that Joe can make it for him and Jess and I can heat the left overs when I get home. Pasta is something which we have not been having a lot of recently so this will make a nice change.

Sunday- Taco Dogs, this is another meal we have had before but Joe requested. I actually use the hotdogs and bread. We load them with toppings for example we will have salas, sour cream and also gucamole and cheese. This is something which I saw on Pinterest and to be honest love. For sure this is not a meal which I would have thought about making.

Of course, like every meal plan this is linked up with the amazing Katy. I get a lot of the inspiration from her and the linky which she runs. If you are struggling and consuming the same meals I would recommend checking it out. You may find a meal which you love.

What meals are you planning on consuming this week?

Charlotte xxx



How To Get Your Child To Move More And Sit Less

According to recent surveys, 1 in 3 children are not exercising enough. Many do less than thirty minutes of activity a day apparently. With boys outnumbering the girls when it comes to taking part in some form of physical exercise. Of course, this will be of no surprise to you, especially if your children are currently sat in front of the television screen playing video games or watching their favourite shows. And if they aren’t doing that, they may well be sat on their scrolling through their Facebook feeds or watching YouTube videos on their phones. 

As the parent, you need to take action. Exercise is good for both your children’s health and happiness levels. It’s important to find ways to encourage them to move more and sit less. Here are some tips you might find helpful.

Be a good role-model

Don’t tell your kids off for not exercising enough when you’re sitting catching up with Friends reruns and watching adorable cat videos on YouTube. Take the opportunity to exercise yourself, perhaps by playing active games with your children in the garden, or by going on bike rides around your local area. Not only will you improve the fitness of yourself and your children, but you will get to bond with them too. Creating special memories that don’t involve screen time. 

Enrol your kids onto fun activities

We are just about to enter the school holidays , so there are bound to be activities in your local area that your children can get involved in. From holiday clubs to swim classes, do a Google search to discover the types of activities that are available. And going beyond the school hols, there might be activities at your child’s school or the local leisure centre. Get an idea of what your children are into, and encourage them to participate in the relevant groups or classes.

Stop taking the car everywhere

When it comes to your morning school runs, the car is probably a godsend. Especially if your children struggle to get out of bed at the appropriate time. However, why not find ways to speed up the school run so you can take the walk your kids to school instead of driving them. And if your children are averse to walking, let them use their bikes or scooters. If you are only ever travelling short distances with your kids, such as to your local shops or to their playdates, ditch the car and encourage everybody to use their feet instead.

Give them gifts that promote movement

Such as? Well, think footballs, roller boots, bikes, motion-controlled video games, basketballs, and even fitness trackers. Set them up with trendy running shoes too and fashionable tracksuits to give them greater incentive to get outside. So, when Christmas and their birthdays come around again, consider the types of activities your children might be interested in with a little push, and buy them something appropriate to match.

I hope these suggestions were useful to you, especially if your children are currently peering at you over their smartphones or gamepads. Let us know your thoughts, and if you have any other suggestions, please do us all our (and our children a favour) and share them with us.

Charlotte xx


Milkman Razors Rail Clear Shave Gel Review {AD}

Shaving is something which most males and females do. Shaving Gel is something which we get through a ton. I actually use conditioner on my legs because I think this is the best for me. However, Joe has to shave every single day due to work. This does mean that he gets through a lot of shaving gel. Of course, this does mean that he knows a good shaving gel when he see’s one.

Milkman is a grooming brand in Australia who’s mission is to transform male grooming with their specialist products. Their products are designed with men in mind right from the formula, packaging and the branding. They are more of a high end shaving gel. The  Milkman Razor Rail is a clear shave gel designed to leave your skin hydrated whilst making the shaving experience very easy. It has a peppermint fragrance which can leave your skin fresh and revived. The key selling point for this shaving gel is that it is soap and paraben free making it an ideal product to use for all skin types. Joe has been using the milkman clear shave gel for around 3 months on and off. He chooses not to shave when he is not at work because why not.


But before our thoughts I am going to share with you what Milkman say about the product.

  • It is ultimate shaving lubricant for people with sensitive skin. Whether you use a razor blade or a wet electric shaver to shave, this soap-free gel will absolutely change your life and make shaving as exciting as the first time you did it.
  • Our lubricated gel has huge advantages over shaving soaps and creams because you can see what you’re shaving.
  • Moisturises the skin as you shave and saves water as it rinses off the blade easily.
  • No parabens or sulfates. Not tested on animals. Vegan friendly. Made in Australia. No soap. Aprox 100 shaves per bottle when using 2 to 3 pumps per shave.
  • Contains Aloe Vera and Menthol to soothe the skin as well as Rosemary oil for its anti-oxidants

Joe loves that it comes in a pump so it is so easy to use. I have noticed that he makes less mess when using the Milkman clear shaving gel. One thing which he did state is that it hard to judge how much you are going to need when you are first starting to use the product. This is something which I think he has now mastered though as he has not complained since.

He also stated that you do not have to moisturise as much because of the peppermint oil which is in the shaving oil. However, something which he did state its that he does not wowed by the product. There is a wide range now of shaving gels on the market. You do not have to spend a lot of money. He claimed some of the cheaper ones are as good as this the milkman one.

They are a brand which I feel like are going to struggle to find. At the moment the only place I can seem to find them is on Amazon. Usually we need to pick up a shaving gel fast when the we are close to running out. I also feel like even thought the shaving gel is meant to last 100 shaves if you use 2-3 pumps. I also feel like this is expensive as a bottle is £20.

The other problem which Joe stated about using this shaving gel is that when you apply it to your face it can be hard to see when your shaving. This can mean that you miss putting it on certain parts which is not handy when you need to be clean shaven for work. I do not think that Joe would repurchase the milkman shaving gel because he said he does not think it is worth the money.

Have you ever tried the Milkman Razor Clear Shave Gel?

Charlotte xxx

This product has been sent for review however, all thoughts are my own.

5 Under Rated Lush Products

Today I am going to be sharing with you a number of under rated products from Lush. Of course, most people will think of Lush and bath bombs as this is what they are famous for. I have had some amazing bath bombs which I am sure the majorty of you will have. However, some of my favourite products have been not been bath bombs or shower gels. Today I am going to share with you them so you can enjoy them as well.

Seanik Solid Shampoo

Lush solid shampoos can last 40-60 washes depending on amount used and hair thickness and length. This solid shampoo is made of seaweed, sea salt and lemon bar which gives you great shine and volume. I find a lot of shampoos do not give shine. I have also been able to train my hair so it only needs washing once a week. Of course, these last a long time and now cost £8. For me there well worth the money and last forever for sure there under rated.

Silky Underwear Dusting Powder

This dusting powder absorbs moisture and leaves the skin smooth, matte, and hydrated.I find it great for helping prevent chub rub which can be a problem when the weather becomes warm. Another purpose I have found this to be great for is under boobs to stop them sweating. Another problem I face due to having big boobs. This may seem expensive at £9 for a 60g bottle however, I promise you it lasts forever, I do not think I have actually ever finished a bottle. It does last you that long because you only need a small amount.

R&B Hair Moisturiser

This is a product which I have been using for a number of years. I do use this instead of a conditioner, I think one of the reasons I can do this. Is due to the fact that I only wash my hair once a week It is so thick but seems to give my hair all the moisturiser it needs. This could be as a result of the coconut oil and avocado butter. Usually I pick up a 100g pot which is now £14 and this lasts me a good few months. I have done a full review on this product here.

Volcano Footmask

This is one which I tend to reach for in the summer months. It helps me get ready for the sandle or flip flop weather which we can dream about living in the North of England. This is a foot mask contains deodorising ingredients and  pumice means it also doubles up as a foot scrub. Of course, it gives you 20 minutes off your feet time which is always great as a busy mum. I love how this is leaves my feet. It takes a long time to use a tub and this is £9 for 125g. Again I have done a full review on this product.

Grease Lightening Spot Treatment

This is something which we have used for the longest time as well. You only need a small amount gain like a number of lush products so this does mean that it is going to last for a while. There is antibacterial tea tree and witch hazel which helps cleanse and soothe. I have found this does allow my spots to go down over night which is always a bonus because nobody likes to be spotty. I have had mine for the longest time now and it is actually £9 for sure this is going to last a long time.

What would you see are your most underrated lush products which you own?

Charlotte xx