August Baby Girl Clothing Haul

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I know that this month the post is slightly later than it usually would be but this is due to the fact of how busy I have been. This reflects in the size of this haul due to the fact that I have not been in a lot of shops which I have found really nice things in for Jess and also the fact that I have not been browsing online. Instagram is one of the worst places for me because I always find new places on there which I want to try and end up purchasing way to much for Jess.

The first items I purchased were from a store I found on Instagram called ourlittlewardrobe they have a shop which is www.ourlittlewardrobe.com. After spending a good amount of time on there I picked up these beautiful shoes which are light pick. Jess doesn’t like wearing things on her feet but has got better in the past few weeks however when she goes to her first wedding next weekend she is going to need something on her feet to stop getting her tights dirty this reminds me I need to order her the tights to wear from this company today. I thought these shoes would be perfect as they will go with the cream and flowery dress she has to wear. These shoes just slip on and have such a cute look to them and they were a bargain and only cost me £4.99 and she can wear them again when we go out for meals or just to get her used to wearing shoes as it comes into the colder months and she starts walking properly.

The next item I purchased from this website was these beautiful good night owl pj’s. They are long sleeved which means that they can be used in the winter to keep her warm.They are so bright which means that Jess loves to grab them when I ask her which pj’s she wants to wear and she always seems to get these ones. I think they must be one of her favourites. Recently I prefer her to be wearing things like this compared to babygrows maybe it is because you can get amazing things like this and not have to pop all the buttons when she is sleepy. These wash amazingly we must have them in the wash at least once a week since we receive them and we have no complains about them infact we wore them last night. They must be so comfortable and she still looks stylish when she is asleep. These are only £6.99 which is around what you would pay for a set in the shops anyway so how could I leave them.

The final item from ourlittlewardrobe was another pair of pj”s however this time it was a Minnie Mouse set. These are the official Disney Baby ones these again are another favourite of ours because they are so bright it means you can see Jess coming when she is crawling on the floor while your making her breakfast in the mornings. These are so comfortable because you can tell the enjoyment which she gets when she is wearing them and if she doesn’t have the pair on I mentioned above she usually we have these ones on. So as you can imagine these have had plenty of wear as well and they have washed as beautiful as ever. I am not shocked Jess wants to go to bed on a night when she has all these beautiful Pj’s to wear.

The next few bits I didn’t actually purchase in August but only received them then due to the fact I did the Next sale online and it takes what feels like an age to get your items. The first one it this thin pink tshirt which says Daddy Daddy Cool. I picked this due to the fact that Daddy says this to Jess all the time because he really does think he is a cool Daddy which he is but don’t let him find out his head might grow. I think this top was reduced to around £3 which is amazing because teamed with some leggings it will look perfect for nursery and at that price it doesn’t matter if it gets a bit ruined. I picked it up in 9/12 months due to the fact that Jess already has a lot of clothes in 6/9. Yes my daughter is nearly a year old and in 6/9 months clothes.

The next item was also in the sale for around £3 and it is this beautiful white with black striped t-shirt which has a watermelon on it and it is actually a purse because it has a zip and everything, This means Jess can store things she wants in her top if this is something she desires. Again this will be great for nursery with leggings due to the fact it is so causal . I can just imagine her running around with it on. I love Next for there basics and they was so easy it means you can wear them so much and really get your wear out of them.

The final bit I purchased from the sale because there was not a lot in her age is this green and white striped tshirt which has an ice cream cone on it and then animals as the ice cream. Jess really loves ice cream as well as animals so this is perfect for her. I think this is one of my favouite pieces I picked up from their sale this time. Maybe because it is such a basic which she can team with anything and look so casual even though it has ice cream on it I think it does not look to summery she will get away with wearing it in the autumn.

These items are ones which I purchased in store in Next when I took some of my sale items back due to them not looking like I thought they would in real life. This first item is one of my favoutites is one of their dress/tunics in a cream colour bit it has pictures of items and then underneath says what they are. So really it is educational and also a really pretty dress I love these styles because they are so easy to throw on which always helps me because I have a daughter who doesn’t like to get dressed she would be naked all the time if she could be. These styles are always on the multibuy offer which Next does so I have to take advantage of that because you can get 3 items for £15 you would be crazy not to so that is the first item of the multibuy.

I had to pick up this top because it made me laugh so much for some reason there is something funny about a flamingo been stood on a mushroom and a bee on the flamingo. Only on children’s tshirts could this happen and it is on a yellow tshirt now I really thought I needed to eject some colour into Jess’s wardrobe we don’t want her to have a black wardrobe like me do we now. This will cheer up some of them dull days we have coming and teamed with some darker leggings so she doesn’t stick out to much she will look beautiful. This is such a causal top I am sure it will be worn a lot and because it is from Next we know it is going to survive been washed a hell of a lot without losing the colour.

The final item I purchased on the multibuy offer is another top this is in a colour I rarely see baby/children’s clothes in it’s a coral colour, Something about it really drew me into it and I had to have it’s coral with white polka dots and a whale on the front. I think this is me just clinging onto the hope that we really don’t end up with bad weather this year so the more bright clothes Jess has the less dull it will look. This is something which I would team with dark leggings again so she is not to bright. This is something which I know she will choose on days which she is going to be going to nursery on because she like showing off her pretty things.

Then I went on and picked up this lovely dress which is cream on the top half and then has some of the most amazing boats you have ever seen on the bottom half. I really adore the details on the bottom of this dress because it gives it some colour and also it makes it look different as I rarely see anything with this style.When I saw this item I thought it was going to have a really nice price tag because of how gorgeous it is but it was only £6. I think styled with some amazing lightly coloured tights this will look smart and could be worn when we are going somewhere nice and Jess needs to look a bit smart/casual. I can imagine this been something which she wears when we are visiting family and such like.

Leggings are something which is a huge staple in Jess’s wardrobe and even more so as we have more cooler days. I have found that Next do some amazing leggings and they are such good quality even with someone who is always on the go they never seem to rub up or become thin. So when I saw this pack of 3 for £12 I could not resist is has a pair which are just green with white polka dots on which will go with everything then they have a dark blue pair with a cat on the bottom which says hey. Then the final pair which is my favourite out of the three is the cream pair which has cats all over the front. Jess loves cats and we have to hold her up at our front door to look for them so I can only imagine the excitement when she gets to wear cats. These are going to go with everything as well so will become a huge staple for us this autumn/winter.

Asda is one of my favourite supermarkets to look at clothes in because they have some bargains and also some beautiful items for sale even more so in the baby sections. While I was in there I realised that Jess doesn’t have many long sleeved tops in 9/12 months and this is when I saw this pack of two for £4. They are long sleeved tops in pink and navy with quilting design on the shoulders and a little heart pocket. I think the detail on this is so subtle but it actually looks nicer because of the fact that it is not to in your face. Teamed with a pair of leggings this will be ideal for nursery and at the price it cost me I am not too bothered if it ends up getting ruined for some reason. They will also give her arms a bit of protection when it is cold but not cold enough to have a jacket on.

While in Asda I spotted this beautiful dress which for some reason reminded me of parties maybe it is the silver stars which is all over it. The dress is pink and has these stars all over it been long sleeved means that you will be able just to add some tights in the autumn and still wear it. It has really cute little pockets on it however I am unsure what you would use them for what do little ones need to stash. This dress was only £4 and it is something which can be dressed up a little bit or dressed down depending on the occasion. I might have to pop back in and see if they have any more dresses in this style because I think they are amazing and so practical when you have a child who doesn’t like getting dressed.

The final item I picked up well two items are a pack of two leggings from Boots. I always look in the sale section when they have one of baby clothes and this is where I found these busy leggings.They cost me £4 for the two pairs which I think is nearly as cheap as something you would find in Primark. The first pair are bright pink and have little white flowers on these would look nice with a plain tshirt due to the fact how busy they are. The next pair is white with a lot of brightly coloured animals on again this is something which is going to have to be worn with a plain top but they are something which is going to make Jess stand out in the dull weather. I think these originally were meant for the summer but I am trying hard to embrace colour this year more so with Jess.

Have your purchased any of these items or can you recommend when I can get some nice clothes from for a nearly one year old girl?

Charlotte x

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