Arm Candy

Hi Guys

As few weeks ago I actually purchased this lovely bracelet which has liquorice allsorts around not real ones may I add. I purchased it I thought if was so different to all of the other jewellery which I have. 

I purchased the bracelet from for around £8. Sometimes I find brackets which are very bulky like this very hard to wear because they are either to heavy and it becomes uncomfortable to wear of that I catch them on everything and then run this risk of breaking the item. With this bracelet though you dont get either of them it is do comfortable and lightweight and in the time I have had it I have not caught it and thought it was going to snap the elastic which holds it together. 

I have had a number of people come up to me and say that they loved the bracelet so when I recieved another exact same bracelet for my birthday I did give my best friend one as it not a piece that I think you could wear two of at the same time.

I would recommend I love been able to shop actually instore but I would believe that there are the same amazing products online too

Would you be tempted to eat the bracelet?

Charlotte x
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