April Goals 2019

March seems to been one of those months where everything seems to have gone so quickly. This could be due to having Joe off for the last week and it has seen us crack on with the garden. We have needed to fully sort it out in order for it to be a place we want to spend a lot of time out in this summer. Today I am going to reflect on the goals which I set to achieve for March as well as set some for April.

Last Month 

Personal– Do more for me, this for sure is something which I have failed on this month. I have spent a lot of times doing things for others this month. This is not something which upsets me but I do need to take more care of myself. I think I managed one bath where I did a facemask last month. Bake more well we managed a couple of bakes this month I am sure this this is only going to increase as we get closer to Easter because there is some amazing bits which I want to do. Sorting the garden out for the summer well we are half way through this job I am sure by the weekend it is going to be fully done. I am looking forward to been able to work outside. It has took a lot of work but it is looking a hell of a lot better. Spring clean well this is something that did not happen because of all of the dirt which we have had because of doing the garden. I think this is going to be an April goal.

Work– I ended up been about a week and half ahead of schedule which I was proud of I want to keep this up. In case I become ill or something ends up coming up. I am enjoying being ahead because it does mean that the pressure is off I do not have to do as much each day. I have been trying to Instagram story more of course, I need to speak more in them but I think it is actually something which I am enjoying at the moment. Sadly I have not actually managed to hit my goal of 10% more page views. Actually as I right this I have had lower page views than February. I have not been sharing my friends content however, I have been engaging more with them and hopefully helping them.

Money– earn money every day in March this is something which I have managed to do so far this month and it is the 28th. I am sure this is going to be something which I am going to achieve. This for sure is something which I am very proud about. I have been so busy that matched betting is still some which I did not get time to have a look into fully. There is a number of reasons why I did not manage to do this.  I did manage to have a couple of no spend days per week however, all the money which I did save has gone on the garden because as you can imagine the job has not been cheap.

Now on to the goals which I want to achieve in April


  • Finish the garden. This is one which should actually be done this week hopefully. There is so many little bits which need doing now and it is a case of making it look nice. I am going to do a post which shows you the before and after.  They maybe a couple of bits which get added after this month but it should not be anything major.
  • Sort out my clothing draws. They are so full and I want to sort them out so that anything which I know I am not going to wear gets a new home. Whether this be the charity shop or for me to sell on eBay. I am sick of not knowing what is in the draws. Plus it may mean I discover some new pieces.
  • Spring clean the house.  This is something which I did not not achieve in March so I want to achieve this month. I want to steam the tiles in the bathroom and carpet clean a couple of rooms because I think they are going to be very dirty. I am sure I am not the only one when the weather comes nice who just wants to clean.
  • Host a couple of family events. We want to host a Mother’s Day Roast which is very close to been April this is the first time we will have hosted a meal in our house since we moved in. I think we are also planning on doing something at Easter as well. I will report back on how these go I am sure it is going to be very fun and challenging.


  • I want to do some changes to my site this month. I want to try and make it a lot more user friendly. There is some of the changes which I have in my head which I want to do. I have not been playing with the layout for my site in about a year so I feel like it time. This may be a lot of time on tutorials finding out how to do things. Hopefully this is something which I get done this month.
  • Sort SEO on all my older post. I know this is one which is going to be time consuming. There is going to be so many benefits of doing this. There is so much content on my site which I am not proud of and do not think is the best so it is time to sort it out.
  • Hit 200 followers on Facebook. I am about 7 away from this for some reason I find Facebook the hardest platform to grow on. I would love to hit 200 this month because it shows me I am growing on it. Of course, I need to post more often on it something which I have semi neglected this month. If you do not follow me already click here and help me.
  • Pitch to brands-  I want to work with. This is something I am terrible at doing I think this could be to do with the fear of rejection. I want to contact a handful of our favourite brands or brands that I would love to work with. What is the worse that they can say NO. Who knows this could be the start of a good relationship with a number of them. We already have the Baby and Bump Expo this month this is going to be a good place to start some of these relationships.


  • I want to get back to scentsy this month. If you do not know what it is its a candle business which sell some of the most amazing scents. You purchase them for your wax burner. I used to sell them a couple of years ago however, I got so busy. I think having another bow to my string would help. They have a free offer for me to rejoin now so I have nothing to lose.
  • I want to do more survey’s. They are something which I have been doing more in March and for some of them I am close to cashing out.  This would of course help because some of them are £50. I spend about an hour a day doing some of the surveys and have found the benefit.
  • Start the saving pot for Christmas. I know it is super early but I want to start to put money away anything extra we have at the end of the month. This means that then it is not a huge expense at the end of the year. Of course, we have Jess’ birthday only 3 months before as well. Even if it is only something small like £5 it is all going to help.
  • Shop around more. I have been at the moment just using Amazon for things which I need because it is more convenient when you have prime. However, sometimes this does not mean that your getting the best deal. I need to start shopping around again more for things we need in order to look after the pennies. This is going to massively help when it comes to starting to prepare for events coming up.

What are you hoping to achieve in the month of April?

Charlotte xxx


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