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Recently I was contacted by the lovely people at Appelsin Town which is an app created for young people between the age of 2-5 years. As some of you eagle people may realise Jess is not two until September so some of this may be a little bit too old for her however she has had great fun testing out the app.

We have been using the app the most when we have been commuting on the train too and from nursery as it is an hours train ride. More on that another day. Due to it been close to th my summer holidays it means that the trains are super busy meaning Jess has had to sit on my knee for a few journeys now and I need something to keep her entertained this is where the app has come in.

When you purchase the app which is £1.99 you get the of the lands, however, I am only going to review the first one as this is the one which I think is most appropriate to Jess and her current age. I am sure we will be playing with some of the others in the future when she grows into the app as it is designed for children between the ages of 2-5 years so there still is some growing room into this app.

One of the first lands you get is this one which has a giraffe. You can design you own cupcakes which is something Jess has loved doing you can put sprinkles on them and add the different fruit and veg which you can see on the cart before feeding it to the giraffe. I will admit we have had some strange combinations going on such as carrots on the cupcakes. I have been using it as an educational tool by asking Jess colours and trying to get her to say the fruit or veg name as well.

The one which it’s the rabbit I think it maybe our favourite you can get the zebra to come and deliver the mail. Which is something Jess likes because there are always people delivering parcels to our house. You can water the carrots using the watering can which you can’t see the van as we were playing on this when the screenshots were taken and then you feed the rabbit. You can even make the rabbit move we have had him on the roof and everything.

The final area which for some reason I can not add a photograph for is a sheep which is having a picnic. You can get the items out of the picnic basket and give them to the sheep. Jess love sure able to play with the balloons on this one it keeps her entertained for a while.

Overall I really like this app because it allows children to do things such as feed the animals and learn along with letting them use their creative minds creating scenarios. We have had it were the sheep is having a picnic for his birthday and I have asked Jess to feed him certain foods which she has managed to do. For £1.99 this is an app I would recommend and it is available on the App Store so you could have it on the iPad which I am sure would make this even more enjoyable.

Have you heard of this app if so what do you think of it?

Charlotte x

This app was gifted to us, however, all words are my own 

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