Amazon Wishlist #1

Hey Guys

I have decided that I would create a wishlist of things that I want off amazon the reason behind this is that I went on the site the other day and realised that I have a very large amount of products in my basket so this is something that maybe become a regular feature.

The first item is the Real Techniques core collection I have decided that I really want this because of the fact that I hardly own any nice brushes. I have only heard very good things about these brushes so I think it is about time that I test them for myself because I think I am the only blogger without them and these are only £16.78 at the moment.

The item next to this is the Seche Vite professional top coat  due to the fact that I am constantly painting my nails I want a top coat which is going to make them look amazing even more so when I decided that I am going to do nail art which can take time. I know that this again is a bloggers love even though some people say that it has harmful chemicals in which can cause fertility problems but for £5.50 I fancy trying it due to the fact it’s half price.

I have also selected the Real Techniques starter collection because I think that this would give me a wider range of brushes and these new ones could be all that I need at the moment which would mean that I could remove some of the old brushes I have which are not very good quality. These are only £17.85 which means that you do save a bit compared to if you purchase in Boots and again I have heard amazing things about these so may be tempted to get these and maybe the eye collection but do I need 3 collections.

Finally for this post I have selected the Tangle Tezzer which I can’t find a link to now because it has deleted it’s self but I  keep having really knotty hair which is taking an age to get out so I am tempted to see if they are as good as people say and make my knots come out easier.

Which product’s would you recommend?

Charlotte x
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