Adding A Touch Of Personality To A Lifeless Room

It doesn’t take a lot to transform the look of your home, even the smallest details can do it. However, it’s easy to go too far the other way from ostentatious and end up with rooms that look like they have no direction, no style, and no personality. Even if you’re going for the minimalist effect, here are a few of the little touches you can use to ensure it still has some personality.

Show what you love

There are fewer ways to show the personality that’s distinct and unique to you than by showing what you love above all else through your décor. There are a lot of ways to incorporate hobbies and interests into your décor. A bookshelf is the oldest way possible, but some also like to frame movie posters or to make collages of their favourite record album art. However, one of the most heart-warming ways of doing is by creating a photo wall, showing snaps of the most important and joyful moments from your life to display.

Contrast your textures

If you’re on the current trend of aiming for clean, smooth surfaces such as wooden floors, painted walls, and other similarly minimalist choices, then your room has plenty of style already. It just needs a little contrast in texture and the right use of soft furnishings can do that. Sisal rugs can be an excellent choice for breaking up a large bare wooden floor, keeping it natural while still adding that contrast. Soft furnishings in general area great for adding a spot of tactile variety, such as throws and new upholstery for your furniture.

Splash some colour around

Having a unified colour scheme is one thing, but it can look a touch tacky and uninspired if absolutely everything in the room fits in with that colour scheme 100%. As with your textures, a little contrast in your colours can do a lot of good. Choosing some low maintenance houseplants is one of the easiest ways to add that contrast. However, wall art can serve just as well, if you take the time to choose a piece that fits with the style or period of the rest of the room.

Light it up

One of the biggest mistakes in interior décor you’ll see anywhere is the believe that a single light fixture to give the room the warmth and lighting that it needs. More and more are discovering the power of accent lighting. That is, the use of additional lights to banish hard-to-reach shadows, to give your lighting some depth, and to make the room feel a lot warmer and more welcoming. In the kitchen, this could mean recessed lights beneath drawers while in the bedroom or living room, a great table lamp can add a lot to your lighting, as well.


When it comes to adding personality, you don’t need to go too off the wall. A few touches to complement the furniture choices and to give a glimpse of style can be more than enough.

What have you done to lifeless rooms in order to make them have more personality?

Charlotte xx

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