#AD Sleeping Beauty Pantomime Huddersfield Review

A trip to the panto is not something which I have done for years. I did look at trying to get tickets last year however, had left it a little bit too late. This year I was contacted and asked if I would like to review Sleeping Beauty at the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield.

Pantomimes offer something for all the family and we were not disappointed by Huddersfield’s Sleeping Beauty. Even Jess who is only 4 who I thought might have got bored. She didn’t she sat amazing and mesmerised by the whole performance. She was clapping, booing and interacting with the panto it was so nice to actually see her enjoying herself. So I would recommend it for the whole family if you think they are old enough to be able to sit for an hour and twenty as this is how long the first part is. I promise you it flies by because of course, you are having so much fun.

The story of sleeping beauty does follow the traditional story line however, there are some modern twists. This is something which you come to expect when you have a trip to the pantomime now. I did not think that some of the modern twists ruined the story at all if anything they enhanced it. There is references to flossing and even fortnite within the performance.

Like any panto it is very funny when the actors get thrown off which happened a couple of times within the performance. Luckily they were not too bad and managed to get on with the show this had people laughing. There was some humour dotted through the show like the badie (Belladonna Bile) having to be from Lancashire and also some more local jokes. All of the jokes are suitable for children there was nothing during the performance which I thought was too risky. Having humour and jokes in the panto is almost what it is all about there is so many laughs in this panto.

The actors in this panto are amazing every single one of them. There is not someone who you think oh their performance was below the standards of the others.

I think the three main starts of the show are Hester the Jester (Nicola Jayne Ingram) she had us in stitches at times with her humour. You could tell that she had a broad Yorkshire accent rather than someone trying to put on the accent. She is pure comedy some of the things she does I can not believe she is that silly.

Also Belladonna Bile ( Hayley Russell) who is the badie she manages to make you hate her which is always the sign of a good badie. She manages to do some amazing solo songs within the panto including songs which you will know. I could not believe some of the dancing which she had to do on her own. There was something so amazing about her performance.

We should not forget about how the good the Dame “Nanny Fanny” (Robin Simpson). For sure I would love to go and see more pantos he is in. I think he is amazing and a credit to the theatre for getting him into the cast. There is so many outfit changes for a few members of the cast with Nanny Fanny having the most. She kept the audience entertained and participating amazingly all night. I feel like she may have been the best member of the cast for interacting with the audience. It is worth noting that at one stage you may get shot with a water pistol but this is just part of the fun. Even expect to be shouting the phrase “we’re full of fettle Fanny” this is still one which makes me giggle.

There is also a few more members of the cast including Fairy falala-la-la-la-la-la (Esther-Grace Button). Your typical pink almost ditsy fairy. For sure I can see her been a hit with some of the younger members of the audience more so those who love fairies.  There is also a modern-day princess Aurora who is played by Alyce Luburd, her Sebastian Prince is played so well as well by Thomas Cotran. Finally there is King Herbet the Hesitant by Richard Hand.

The set is amazingly themed for each part it is bright and colourful which is always something you want when you are trying to keep little ones attentions.

Sleeping Beauty is on at the Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield until January 5th 2020. Running time is 2 hours with a 20-minute interval. Book your tickets here for this magical show.

For sure this is a performance which you will not want to miss this festive season.

Have you been to the panto recently?

Charlotte xx

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