#AD Schwartz Cajun Seasoning Fajitas Recipe

*This is a collaborative post with Schwartz* Seasoning is something which I use so often if you have seen any of my recipes in the past this is something which you will know already. Today I am going to be sharing with you the way we make fajitas these are not something which we used a kit for at all anymore.

We find we get a lot more flavour since we made this switch. We use a mixture of the Schwartz Cajun seasoning and also the Fajitas seasoning this seems to give it a more intense flavour and something which we do like. Today I am going to make Chicken Fajitas however, you could use any meat and the seasoning would work as well.

Ingredient- Serves 2

2 Chicken Breasts

1 Pepper

1 Onion

Schwartz Fajitas Seasoning

Schwartz Cajuin Seasoning


Olive oil



Sour Cream

  1. Cut the chicken breast into small slices, you make them how big or small you want.
  2. Cut the peppers and onions into small slices as well.
  3. Spray the frying pan with a small amount of olive oil.
  4. Fry the chicken until it is no longer pink in the middle it needs to be white to be fully cooked.
  5. Add the Fajita and Cajun seasoning of course, you can add as much as you want. We like spice so we tend to add more than the average person.
  6. Once you have done this, add the pepper and the onion into the frying pan.
  7. You may want to add some more seasoning I always add some more. When I am making fajitas I never measure how much of the seasoning I use either.
  8. You may want to warm your wraps up in the microwave. I know some people do this however, this is not for us.
  9. Serve your fajitas, we tend to add our own toppings when we are at the table.

Fajitas are something which are great to make when you do not have a lot of time. Or even if you are hosting a number of people. I know this is something which occurs more around this time of year. You do not have to make a special trip to get the seasoning both of the seasonings which I used in this recipe can be found at Tesco for £1.60 each and are frequently on offer

How do you make your fajitas?


Charlotte xx




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