9 Loves

Hi Guys

Here are the 9 loves and this was hard just to limit this to this number

1. My family they mean the world to me I have realised how much that they mean to me now that somethings have not gone the way I want them to in my life but at least it has brought us closer as a family and this is something I am glad about. 

2.Sport there is something about this that I really do enjoy I am unsure what it actually is but it always draws me in and if you ever come to my house I bet you that sky sports news is on even more so if I am alone.

3. Beauty otherwise I would not have a beauty blog it would be about something else so this may see very obvious but it needed to be said

4.Travelling I am going to do a section on my blog soon about places in the world that I want to go and see I may not have seen much yet but this something that I really want to change in the next few years.

5. I love my goldfish because I feel like he is one of the only people that can’t judge me and then I can tell him anything and we will not share it because he can’t

6. I love the internet because I have met so many people through it that I don’t think that I would have ever met before in my normal life/

7. I love books because it helps me forget parts of my life for so long and makes me believe like I am actually in the book where everything seems so simple

8. I love pasta I have no clue why but this has to be my favourite food I would have it for every meal if I could but I know I can’t

9. I love sitting in the dark with the candles on because I find it so relaxing and I love it even more if I am alone for some reason strange I know

I hope you are enjoying this series 
Charlotte x

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