8 Gym Recovery Methods That Work

Going to the gym is something which I have been doing consistently for a few months. I have managed to lose a little bit of weight. This was not my goal the goal I had actually was to tone up more. Of course, this has meant that I have had a lot of hard workouts. The ones which have meant that I have felt super sore in the morning. Of course, this does mean that I have had to use some different recovery methods. Today I am going to share with you some of the methods which I have been using.


Stretching is one of the most effective and cheap recovery methods. It increases the blood flow which allows the body to get the nutrients to the muscles to recover and repair faster. Stretching is something which sometimes I do forget to do after a workout. If I do usually I can feel it the next day and I start to question why I have not done it. I usually do dynamic stretches which means that you move while doing them. I have found them sometimes to be more effective in helping aid my recovery than static stretching.


Sleep is so important not just for been able to function every single day but also recovery. Having a good nights sleep helps increase muscle mass quicker. Of course, this is something which I am trying to do while toning up. I can tell you I am seeing results already. Sleep does mean that you have more energy to actually exercise and do another work out. I have found myself instead of been awake till gone 11 now fast asleep sometimes before 10. My body needs sleep in order for me to be able to recover from the stress I have put it under that day.  Your body and muscles recover when you are resting and asleep.


This is a technique which I love of course, I am a qualified sports massage therapist.  So this does mean that I am able to use some of the techniques myself and apply them to my own body. I promise it is not that hard you could learn a few and it could help so much. You could always get your partner to help I know this is something which I do often. Most people think that this could be expensive because they have to pay a professional however, this does not have to be the case.

Without going into a huge amount of detail into why you should have a massage. I could as this is something I studied in depth for my dissertation. Having a massage does actually allow the body to create energy from glucose which is a bonus. It can break down knots which cause your muscle to have less elastic and pain, these are something which I usually struggle with.

Foam Rolling

This is something which I managed to learn a lot about when I was at university. This does help so much because it can remove tightness and knots. These are elements which I can struggle with when I have had a hard workout.  There can be small improvements in flexibility due to the muscles been more elastic however, these do not last for very long. It can also decrease injury risk which is something I want because after all who wants to be injuries, it also allows you to recovery faster. This means I can do more intense workouts quicker which is always a bonus.  You can pick up foam rollers in a wide range of places include sports direct and home bargains.

Drinking Water

This is one which I suck at I did become good at the start of the year but I have got worse. I forget to drink water which is always naughty I know. This is something which I want to improve again I think I need to start having a drink next to me for the majority of the time when I am working. Drinking water helps your digestion of course, this could help you lose weight. This is something which a number of people want to do if they should be exercising. I find it easier to drink water if I have them next to me because

Spacing out routine

Your muscles need between 24-48 hours to recover. This means that you should rotate the muscles which you are training. For sure this is something which we try to do to make sure that we do not over train the same muscle group.  So we tend to do something like core on a Monday, Upper Body on a Wednesday and Legs on a Friday. Of course, we do manage to put some cardio in there. I feel like this does not put as much pressure on my body because my muscles are not too fatigued.


This is also another key element when it comes to recovering from exercise. You should eat a protein source to build muscles. Muscles are made of proteins, and without consuming any protein quickly (in the first 45 minutes after a workout—the earlier the better), muscles won’t grow. I know for me it can be tempting to have a  McDonald’s because it is right across from the gym however, I do feel worse after it the next day.  You should try eating quality meals with a protein source, carbohydrate, and additional vegetable will help your body feel better after a workout.

Hot Bath

A hot bath is something which I do love to have because I find it helps with my muscles. I currently have been using vie magnesium flakes they have helped my muscles to feel less tight. I use a couple or three cups of the flakes. The muscle feel less stiff an tight which I usually need when I have done a leg workout. This is why we do legs close to the weekend because it allows me to bathe.  I think I am also going to try them during my pregnancy because they may help so much as well. There is a huge bonus of using salts it makes my skin so soft. The brand which I have been using is Vie and their 1.5kg bag is nearly as cheap as one bath bomb from Lush. They do not have to be so expensive at all again you can pick them up everywhere from Home Bargains to Amazon.

What do you do after a heavy session at the gym?

Charlotte xxx

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