8 Fears

Hi Guys

I warn you this post is not going to be one of the most happy post that I have ever done

1. I am scared that I don’t fit in because I am too strange/ random and this is something that I worry about when I do anything new.

2. I am scared that I will end up self harming again because I have had a few testing times which I could have ended up doing it again but this is not something I want to do

3. I am scared of the dentist I think it is because I had a horrid one when I was a child and it all stems back to this.I seem to have a pretty nice one at the moment 

4. I have a fear of been burgled I have no clue why maybe its because I don’t want anyone to go through the things I own and that really freaks me out for some reason

5. I am scared for life without electric because everything seems to run on this now and I would be so lost without this to think I would not be able to blog wow that would be strange.

6. I am scared of falling in love because I have developed trust issues and this is not something nice to have because you doubt everyone who seems too nice.

7. Not having money scares me because I want to always be comfortable so that I can do what I want in my life and if I want to move to Oz I have to have at least 5,000 in my account to get a visa

8.  I am scared of opening up because when I have done this before people have hurt me and this is not something which I want to happen to me again

What are you scared of

Charlotte x

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