6 Ways That Travel Helps Your Child’s Development

Travelling with kids can be a bit of a pain sometimes, especially when they’re younger and you’re going on long journeys. Navigating the airport, getting to your hotel, and finding your way around a new country is tough at the best of times. When you throw young children into the mix, travel is incredibly stressful. There’s also the cost to consider because taking the whole family away is going to be expensive and when you’re already trying to maintain a budget. While making sure that the kids have everything that they need, travelling all of the time might not be an option.


So far, travelling with kids doesn’t seem like a great idea if it’s going to be stressful and expensive, but that doesn’t mean you should cancel your family trip. Travelling together is a great way to relax and recharge your batteries but, more importantly, it’s great for your child’s development. These are just some of the reasons why travel is great for your children.

It Introduces Them To New Experiences

Trying to introduce your child to new experiences helps them to understand more about the world and it also makes their lives more full and exciting. If your child never goes outside of their comfort zone at all, may not be very adventurous in later life. They may be afraid to try new things, which can have a big impact on their lives. Sometimes, it’s hard to find new experiences when you’ve got a set routine of taking them to school and going to work etc. When you travel, you have the opportunity to give your child experiences that they would never have back home.

It Increases Tolerance

The main reason that people are intolerant of other cultures is that they simply don’t understand them and they haven’t been exposed to them. It’s easy to be suspicious or fearful of another culture if your opinion of them is only based on things you hear. Rather than a real experience of what those people are like. Taking your children to different countries from a young age gives them the chance to meet people from other cultures and learn about them. Before their opinions are coloured by anything that they see on the news or things that other people tell them. This means that they will grow up to be far more tolerant and accepting of other cultures which is a very important value to instill in your children.

It Helps Them At School


When your children are learning about history or geography, they might not find it that interesting and they may switch off from these lessons. That often happens because they don’t really understand the significance of what they’re being taught and they feel quite removed from it. But if you travel to places and they can see these things first hand, they’re far more likely to get involved with learning about them and their performance at school will improve. For example, if your children are learning about ancient Rome, why not take them there to see the Colosseum up close and get them more excited about it?

Languages are another thing that some children struggle with at school but if they visit the countries, they can practice their language skills. Being surrounded by people that are speaking the language and learning a bit more about their culture will give their lessons more direction and help teach them how valuable it is to be able to speak to people in their own language when you’re travelling.

It Teaches Them To Be Adaptable

Travelling rarely goes completely as planned and there are always going to be a few hiccups along the way. It might be that your flight gets delayed or even cancelled or maybe there is a problem with your hotel reservation. It could even be something simple like a restaurant reservation that was made for the wrong date. When these little problems happen, you need to think on your feet and adapt to the situation to sort it out. Even if it isn’t a big problem, it gives your children the chance to see how you react to difficult situations and how you can be spontaneous. This means that in later life, when things don’t quite go to plan, they won’t panic and they’ll be able to think rationally about how to deal with the situation.

It Teaches Them Independence

This one doesn’t really apply when your children are younger because you can’t exactly let them go wandering around on their own in a foreign country, but as they get older, travel can teach them to be more independent. When they’re a bit older, they will start going on school and sixth form student trips or even going away with their friends. Going to another country without you will give them the chance to learn to be independent because they can’t easily call on your for help and they will have to learn to get by on their own for a while. These skills will be essential when it comes time for them to eventually leave home.

Did you travel a lot with your children?

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