6 Smart Home Technology Upgrades To Add To Your Home

Are you making improvements to your home or planning on doing so pretty soon? Then this will be a good time to include some technological improvements to help make life simpler and more comfortable at home. Aside from focusing on the usual areas of improvement – the furniture, the windows, kitchen, floors, etc. Technology upgrades can also help provide comfort and ease to everyone at home. With the current steady rise in how much people spend on renovating their homes, about 58% of Americans do not mind spending money on getting their homes to look the way they want. If you belong to this group, then don’t forget to support your home remodelling with some (or all) of the tech upgrades we are about to look at.


  • Smart smoke detector


This goes way beyond simply making life simpler. A smart smoke detector can play a huge role in saving your life in case of a fire outbreak. But that’s not all – it can also help save you some amount of money on insurance premiums. With many residential fire outbreaks occurring due to disabled or absent smoke detectors. It makes a lot of sense to invest in a smart smoke detector. Unlike the old ones that always seem to go crazy even when you simply place a frying pan on the stove or just go ‘dumb’ for whatever reason. The smart versions are more effective. Plus, some are also designed to monitor not only smoke levels but also the general air quality and the levels of carbon dioxide.



  • Solar panels

Energy efficiency has become part of the order of the day as far as a lot of home renovations are concerned. These panels can cost quite a lot to purchase and install, the returns on investment that they offer in the long-term make them more than worth their price tag. This comes, among other things, in the form of significantly reducing your energy bills. Thus, if your home is exposed to a generous supply of sunlight (and you have the budget to support it), investing in solar panels is always a good idea. A lot of home electronic manufacturers produce energy-efficient gadgets and electronics. When it comes to heating or powering your home, opting for solar panels is always highly recommended. 


  • Smart sprinkler control

If you find yourself needing to water your flowers and grass regularly because of the climate. You should consider adding a smart sprinkler to your renovating projects. This can save you a lot of time, money, and energy, especially during Summertime. These devices can also be programmed using a computer or your smartphone.. You can simply schedule your sprinkling system to suit the weather and your preferred time.


  • A smart lock system

Locks are made to forestall interruption and give security. But smart locks go slightly further. For instance, there are a few types that are equipped to automatically turn on or off your lighting system as soon as you open or lock your main entrance. The greater part of these smart lock systems can be operated right from your cell phone and on-the-go, since they can be operated or controlled remotely.


  • Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats offer another effective, stress-free, and reliable way of heating or cooling your home while saving a lot of money. Just like the already-mentioned smart locking system, these thermostats can also be programmed, managed, and controlled right from your smartphone. All you need to make them work efficiently is a stable source of internet service. No need to make that midnight journey to turn up your heating system, when you can do it on your phone. You can invest in both the smart locking system and smart thermostats, and operate both systems on your phone. And speaking of heating your home remotely, you can also add a WiFi-controlled electric radiator to your renovation budget. You can find them here



  • Plug-in camera

With the increasing rate of burglaries in several homes lately. Securing your home with a reliable camera is the first step to keep you and your family protected. And putting your trust in a cumbersome CCTV setup is the last thing you want to do. Plug-in cameras function just as well or even better. All that is needed is to plug them in, and they’re ready to work. They can be accessed and monitored from your smartphone, no matter where you are. Plus, most of them also have motion sensors that will prompt your phone in case of any sudden movements.

Have you ever added any of these features to your house?

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