50 Random Facts About Me

Hey Guys

I thought that I would let you know some really random facts about me because I have decided that I want you to feel like you know me as a friend.

  1. I don’t know how to ride a bike
  2. I have had glasses since the age of 4
  3. I am not a massive chocolate fan
  4. During secondary school I used to drink a bottle of Dr Pepper every day I was there
  5. I really don’t like drinking tea
  6. I am a coffee addict
  7. I daydream so much
  8. I really love milkshake
  9. I  am addicted to youtube
  10. I hate snow
  11. I have a phobia of rats/mice
  12. I don’t like dentists
  13. I have never smoked never will
  14. I was born with two fingers stuck together
  15. I am pretty random
  16. I love the smell of new books
  17. I really like tattoos even though I don’t have any
  18. I hardly ever wear mascara on my bottom lashes
  19. I always seem to buy things I don’t need
  20. The first concert I went to was Mcfly
  21. I am off to uni hopefully in September
  22. I want to live in either New Zealand or Australia in the next 10 years
  23. I love reading blogs and your comments
  24. I used to be a Daddy’s girl
  25. Nobody I know has read my blog
  26. When I feel depressed I shop
  27. I love Rugby League and support Hull FC
  28. I prefer Costa to Starbucks
  29. I have every episode of Gavin and Stacey on DVD
  30. I have an obsession with nail varnish
  31. I am a Taurus
  32. I have one younger brother
  33. I have size 7 feet and everyone thinks they are massive
  34. When I first had my ears pieced one of became embedded
  35. I live in a city which has been voted worst place to live previously currently we are 2nd
  36. I would love to be a sports physio
  37. I have over 100 books on my to be read list
  38. My Chemical Romance used to be my favourite band until they split
  39. I love my iPhone
  40. I would love to see more of the world
  41. I don’t have a lucky number I must be the only person in world
  42. I prefer Twitter over Facebook
  43. I currently am on a gap year I was studying sports science
  44. I have been with my boyfriend unofficially for nearly two years
  45. I currently am anemic
  46. I can just watch come dine with me for hours
  47. I love marvel films Captain America and Thor are my favourites
  48. I love cheese
  49. I have far too much makeup
  50. I lived in three houses last year
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2 thoughts on “50 Random Facts About Me

  1. I like the Marvel films as well but Guardians of the Galaxy is my fave! Love that film! Hull's not that bad surely?! I wouldn't know, I've never been up that way! And I don't have a lucky number either. If I'm forced to chose then I say 3 but I don't know why!! x Oh and love that photo of you both!

  2. I really can't wait for the second movie of Guardians of the galaxy I swear I heard they were making one. I don't know why Hull is shit well I kind of do but I think everyone doesn't love where they live.

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