5 Things Before You Own A Dog

It’s been a dream to get a puppy for the longest time.  But, many obstacles have gotten in the way that have prevented you from purchasing a new 4-legged friend.  You feel that now you are ready to make your house a forever home for your puppy.

Your only concern is making sure your child is safe. They will be so excited to have a new playmate, but you want to make sure the dog doesn’t accidentally hurt them.  Let’s look at some things you can do to prepare your puppy to meet your child.

Socialise as Much as Possible

The more you can socialise with your dog, the more comfortable the pup will feel around people and other animals.  Your dog needs to understand how to deal with children and have a positive experience with them. If you are going to introduce him to children, make sure you have well-behaved kids around.  If they are not well-behaved, your dog will have a negative association with kids. This would also be the ideal time to get out and walk with your dog. It is also a great chance to get out and exercise.

Puppy Training Classes

As soon as possible, enroll your pup in a training class.  Many of the local pet stores will offer a variety of classes or you can talk to your vet about some suggestions.  The sooner you can get them into the classes the better. These classes will go over commands to teach your dog, routines to practice with them, and how to make sure they learn to stay by your side at the most important times.  

Avoiding the Jump

One of the hardest parts of having a dog is training it to not jump up on people.  You may allow it, but other people could be uncomfortable with it. And, with kids involved, you don’t want to have a dog that jumps.  The best course of action is to never let them jump up at all. Teach the dog to sit when he jumps. It may take a long time to achieve this goal, but dogs are smart and will catch on to the fact that you are not allowing it to happen.

House Routines

You will want to create routines for your dog in your house.  Train them to go to the bathroom where you want them to outside.  You also want to make sure they are not jumping up on your furniture.  You should consider purchasing a dog pillow bed as a symbol of their own space.  They should also be taught to wait for their food as this can be a time that a dog exudes food aggression.  This is something you will want to have implemented from day one.

Stay Positive

Positive reinforcement is key.  When the dog is behaving, you want to reward them as much as possible. You can praise the dog, pat the dog, or offer up treats. But, they need to see that good things will happen to them when they are doing what you expect.  You should teach your children to reward them the same way. Rules should be implemented for your child to make sure that they are behaving as well with the dog. The more consistent everyone is with the dog in the family, the better off everyone will be.

And that consistency will bring the family the lovable dog they have always wanted!

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