5 Foods

Hi Guys 

5 Foods that I like has been really hard just to narrow it down to this number but here goes

1.Pasta anything with pasta is just beautiful I would eat this for every meal if I could I think it is because you can have it with anything is why I find it so amazing.

2. Poptarts oh my I am addicted this is due to there is nothing else in the world which tastes like these and they make me want breakfast which is rare because I hardly ever eat this meal.

3. Cheese on toast I adore this maybe because you can eat it for any meal and it is not thought to be strange oh this is one of the best meals ever 

4. Chicken burgers any day because they are so much nicer than normal burgers maybe because you can eat them with mayo which is another thing which I love but couldn’t fit on here and they are so much healthier.

5. Finally Pickle mmmm this is so beautiful I feel like it makes my meals feel like they are alive because they have a taste or maybe this is me just been strange

What’s your favourite food let me know below

Charlotte x

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