5 Beauty Mummy Summer Essentials

A few weeks ago now I did a post which was my toddler summer essentials post which went down pretty well thank you so much because your support means everything to me. Sometimes I do feel like nobody is reading my blog but so many of you at the moment have been sharing my post which is making me feel like I have my own little community so thank you so much  So today I have decided that I am going to share with you 5 of my beauty essentials to survive the rest of the summer.

The first product is one which you may not class as a beauty essential but it kind of fits in this catergory and that is a antibacterial hand gel this one is actually designed for kids and smells like strawberries which makes me just want to use the product even more. With having a little one it means that your hands always become messy and horrible because they like to pass you things like half eaten food and all sorts of other rubbish. Sometimes I don’t have wet wipes to hand so I use the hand gel I even have Jess using it and due to the fact it smells nice she is constantly wanting to use it. I do not have one brand which I love more than another I think currently I have 3 open and on the go all with fruity scents. I can not leave the house without some of this gel it is so handy all year long not just for the summer when you seem to eat outside more.

The next product which is an essential to me is a body spray because of the fact that when it is warmer you seem to sweat more and you always want to smell your best I find myself reaching for a body spray. The reason behind this is because I can reapply this more often than I would a perfume and it is one which can be stored in your handbag pretty easy and in some cases can cool you down a little bit. I love been able to change the scent that I am wearing throught the day which is not something which you can do if you are wearing perfume. I am loving this one which I picked up in superdrug for £3 a while ago but I do have my eyes on a couple of lush ones which I might have to get in the future.

Talking of Lush it could not be a favouites/essentials without one of their products now could it however, one of the products which I love in the summer is part of their Christmas collection and that means I have to stash it half of the year. Mr Standman is a dusting powder which means that it is a more natural version of talc powder and this one actually shares it’s scent with twilight which for me is amazing I think this is fast becoming one of my favourite scents. I use this powder to help with chub rub and it actually works it also helps take the excess oil off when you have used a body lotion it means that is is less sticky and you can put your clothes on straight away. This is great if you are a busy person like me and need to get ready quickly a bottle of this stuff lasts a long time so is well worth the money. I would keep an eye out for it when it comes out this year in fact I may do a full review closer to the time.

I find that I need something to help my make up stay on all day and I have found that if I use a couple of sprays of the Urban Decay stay all night setting spray my make up does not melt of my face as quick is a bonus when you are applying it for over 12 hours. I love how long a small bottle lasts I think I have had this one way over a year and it is only just starting to run out which makes me sad because I am going to have to repurchase this very soon. I have found that it makes my base stay on a lot longer when usually it would have been looking horrible and like it needed to be removed. Unfortunately this is not the cheapest but because it is effective it does mean I am more likely to repurchase.

The final item which is a must have for me is dry shampoo as some of you may know I only wash my hair around once a week which means that once maybe twice a week I need to use dry shampoo. This is when it is starting to look a little bit greasy and I do not have time to wash my hair.  At the moment I am using the the Pixie Lott bapsite dry shampoo however, this is not my favoutite scent I do prefer the tropical one but I am just using up some which I have in my collection before I repurchase this one. If you rub it in a little bit you do not get the white streaks you do with other dry shampoos which is amazing when you need to be out the door about 5 mins ago.

What are your beauty summer essentials even if you are not a busy mummy?

Charlotte x

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