30 Day Challenge- Day 10 Best Trip of Your life

Hey Guys

Due to technical problems I have not been able to get this post up before today even though it was meant to go up on Sunday so I am sorry about this but at least you can read this now which is better than never been able to rather than never been able to read anyway on with the post.

Back in February 2010 more and the rest of family took a trip to Thailand the reason behind this was because it was one of my uncle’s 60th birthday in the August of that year but apparently it would have been the rainy season so that is why we didn’t go then. He choose Thailand because he actually has a house out there as well.We went on the trip with all of my aunties and uncles from my dad’s side of the family and one of my cousins.

I don’t actually have any photo’s of trip well I do but the reason behind this is because they are hard copies and without having to scan them and I am unsure if they would like to be featured on my blog and because it is 4 years ago they are so embarrassing for me.

What was your favourite trip?

Charlotte x

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