30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 9 What’s in my bag


Hey Guys

As you may remember I told you that I was going to complete the end of the 30 day blogging  challenge this month that I started back in July and just didn’t have the time to complete. I must admit it doesn’t feel like a month ago since I started this.

So today I am going to show you what is in my bag now I did take this a few days ago after a shift at work because this is about the only time that I carry a bag around at the moment due to the fact I have hardly being going many places since I have returned back from uni for various reasons.



This is the bag which I have been using and now I have ripped it and I need to find a way of fixing it anyway I got this bag reduced in Next Outlet at Cheshire Oaks back in May when my family came to see me just after my birthday. I think the is bag was reduced from £35 to £15 I wish I had bought two because I love this bag so much. It could fit loads in which meant it was amazing when I needed to carry everything to uni from my halls.


As you can there is not that much in my bag but I am going to go through what is in now starting at the top this is a ticket wallet from Cath Kidson now I know it is one of their old prints so you can’t get it now but in here I always have my railcard because lets face it you never know when you are going to want to take a train to see people or go see my boyfriend when he is back.

I also have my passport it is the only form of ID that I have so this means that if people don’t think that I am 18 I can be complimented and then it also means that I can drink alcohol which makes make happy because it relaxes me nooo I am not an alcoholic!!!!

There is my purse which I bought about a year and a half ago from River Island I love it because it allows me to have the notes straight so the stupid scan it yourself accept them and also it makes me feel like I know how much money I have which is usually not a lot been a student also it has a lot of room for your cards which mean that I can have more discount cards which I love.

You can also see the case for my camera which I just bought off Ebay not long ago and the reason which this is in my bag is due to the fact that I didn’t want my camera to get any more mark on it from the key which I in my bag and the rest of the things that are sharp.

I also have my back up charger in my bag because having an iPhone means that my phone is always running out of battery faster and faster so this means at I can charge it when I am on the go which means I can always be in touch with you guys and my family which is always good because I love been on social media a hell of a lot.

I also have my diary which reminds me when I am going to do things such as work and also when blog posts are going up because I will admit to you that I do schedule some of my posts when I know I am going to be busy so this reminds me when a post is going up and also what the post is. I don’t know water I would be without my diary now I do have an academic one because it is easier than having to change diary half way through a uni year. I always by my diaries from the works because I just find that they are a hell of a lot cheaper than the ones which you get in whsmiths and I like to save the pennies. 
I have my front door key because otherwise I would be locked out of my house a lot because they are never in the house due to working and other things which they choose to do. I just ha a love heart on my key which has the rugby club I supports logo on because it is something to make sure I know it is my keys and not somebody else’s.
You can also see my iPad which I carry around so I can wrote blog posts when I am on the go like now i am finishing this post off on my iPad it means if I get time when on some thing like a bus I c an who it and then publish when I get internet. I have the iPad mini 32gb and now I can’t imagine life without it it had made things so much simpler. I even use it in lectures for making reference to the slides which I can get on it even though my lectures think I am playing games on it. I have a standard black and white poka dot case on it which I bought off amazon because I need something to keep it in good condition.
The last thing which you could find in my bag is some book page markers which are like post it notes these are amazing when I need to mark a page in a uni text book because I need to read that chapter and they are also handy it I need to make a note about something and I don’t have the ability to write it in my phone due it been dead.
Usually my phone would be in my bag but that at the time was on charge shock and usually my camera but this was in my hands been used I always have my camera in case something excited comes up. Make up is usually in my bag as well though I had removed it because I wanted to do a post about make up in my bag which will be coming up soon.
What is in your bag I am intrested to know leave a link to yours in the comments below
Charlotte x 
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