30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 8 5 Current Goals

Hey Guys
Today in the second part of this challenge I am going to share with you 5 of my current goals. Some of them are my personal and some are my blog goals. I love been able to set goals because of the fact that I feel better when I achieve them.
My first goal is to in two years time have a sports science degree this is something which I am currently studying for. I may have only just completed first year but this doesn’t mean that I have not had sleepless nights and nights been up all night in order to revise and also complete assignments. Hopefully all of my hard work and the work which is to come means that I will have a good degree classification. 
Another goal is to be able to keep a long term relationship I know this is something stupid for people to say when they are young but I have not had a relationship which has lasted longer than a year and half and the other ones that I have been in have not even made it past two months. I think that now I have found someone who I want to stay with a long time the thing is we can’t be together now but hopefully very soon we can make it official even though we class us as together now.
The next goal is I would love to get a job because currently I don’t have one because my boss when I came back from uni said that I couldn’t do what I have been doing in the previous year so I am having to look for a job and tomorrow I have an interview at Mcdonalds so hopefully I get it so I can spend some money on beauty products again instead of always shopping in my stash.
I would also over this summer to start doing youtube because now I have the time to do with this and now I feel like my blog is getting bigger it is at the stage where I will be able to get some of you to subscribe to my youtube the one things that I will have to get over is not been able to stick my accent because of the fact I hate it and think that you will all not be able to understand me.
The final goal I have is to make sure that I work on my blog as much as I can so that I thank you readers for sticking with me when I have been studying for my exams so I feel like I have to pay you back so this is something I would like to do post more than I have been currently
What are you current goals?
Charlotte x
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