30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 6 what are you scared of

Hey Guys

Today I am going to share with you things that scare me. I know people who are scared of heights ,spider and all the common things which people are scared of. I think I am a very lucky person a only can only think of that scares me is rats. Oh gosh they are awful I once saw one in my house and I ran out of the room in to the lounge and scream also I was shaking. I even get like this if I see them on the tv because my phobia or fear of them is that huge. At least I have a phobia of something that doesn’t affect my life in a huge way like people who can’t go up too high or can’t fly and see the world because of their phobia. This is only something which I have had in the past few years so many it will be one which I grow out of.

What are you scared of?

Charlotte x

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