30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 4 Dream job

Hey Guys

Today I am back with day 4 of this challenge. I have know what I have wanted to do since I have been around the age of 10. This is to be a sports physio or back then I think it was just to be a normal physio I told my family about this and my grandad told my grandma that I would change my mind before I got to the age that you choose your career. Unfortunately in 2008 my grandad passed away so never got to see my get my GCSE’s or A Level results but everytime I get one I think ha I am one step closer to getting my dream job that you though I would change my mind on. My grandma past away in April of this year and I say that she has gone to tell him that I have just completed my first year of a sports science degree and in 4 more years hopefully I will be a qualified physio then I will have my dream job.

What is your dream job?

Charlotte x

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