30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 2 20 Things about me

Hi Guys

As you know there is two posts from this series so I can catch up so don’t worry it is not June 2nd it is the 9th but you will see two posts a say until I catch up. Anyway the picture above is of me and one of my good friends at uni this selfie was taken on what was probably what was a drunken night out most of them are with my sports girls.

Right anyway onto the 20 facts:

  1. I am obsessed with skittles 
  2. I had lived in the same house all my live until I moved to uni 
  3. I would love to travel the world
  4. I must have the most varied music taste ever
  5. This summer I want to read a lot and cook 
  6. Pinterest is something I have just started using 
  7. This year has been the most amazing of my life so far
  8. I must have over 200 nail polishes in my collection 
  9. I am not a huge lover of chocolate
  10. Australia is a place I would love to live
  11. I love wearing hoodies even in summer
  12. Breakfast is a thing which I rarely eat 
  13. I hope to be a trained physio in the next 5 years
  14. I love trashy TV
  15. Youtube is something I would like to do one day 
  16. Online shopping is something I am addicted to 
  17. I have never watched classic disney 
  18. I have more makeup than I probs need
  19. I also have a candle addiction 
  20. Converse are my favourite shoes
Hope you found these things about me interesting and tell me things about yourselfs in the comments below?
Charlotte x
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2 thoughts on “30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 2 20 Things about me

  1. Hi there. I've only just discovered your blog via a link from another blog but look forward to reading more. I am new to beauty blogging so looking to other blogs like yurs for inspiration. I hope you will check out my blog too x

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