30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 13 What’s inside your fridge

Hi Guys

I have decided that I am going do 2 of these posts a day until I have got back up to speed because I really don’t want to let you guys down who have been waiting ages for the rest of these posts to go up.

So today I am going to share with you what is inside my fridge I must admit that I do need to go food shopping but I am trying to use some thing up out of it before everything goes out of date and I have to throw it all away which would just be a waste of money.

I would take a picture but I couldn’t get one which I liked so I decided to write about what I have the first item I see is some blueberrries which I love to go in and snack on because I feel like these are a hell of a lot nicer than snacking on crisps. I have strawberries which is for the same reason as the blueberries.

I have some salad which is left over from last nights tea which I will eat up over the course of the next few days for lunch because I always find this leaves me more full then if I have a sandwich for lunch because this makes me hungry around 4.30pm.

I have some sausages which I am going to cook tonight for tea so they will not be in my fridge much longer because I plan on cooking these very soon because I am starting to get hungry shock. I also have some milk which allows me to make some white coffee which is handy because I only tend to drink black coffee in the morning to wake me up.

I also have some butter which means I can have this on toast in the morning and this is the final item in my fridge I did warn you guys that I needed to go food shopping which I might actually do tonight if the rain keeps off because I don’t fancy getting wet.

What is in your fridge?

Charlotte x

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