3 New Things To Try This Autumn

A new season will soon be upon us. Our thoughts turn to how to make it a good one and fully embrace the change. As the cooler air moves in, it does feel like it is time to switch things up a little. So today we are sharing 3 new things to try this autumn.

Learning something new 

This is always fun to do and learning new things keeps us on our toes. You might fancy trying out a new exercise class, perhaps taking up a new fitness regime. Or perhaps you have been meaning to get around to taking a photography course and now is finally the right time. Learning new things can lead to new opportunities and also new friendships and connections. It also feels good to tick something off your bucket list.  

There are plenty of benefits of learning new skills, from boosting your self esteem to revitalising your creativity. As well as the fact that you have acquired a new skill and who knows where that might lead you? 

Products around the home

After spending weeks outside during the warmer summer months. We do start to move into hibernation mode as autumn draws in. We spend so much more time indoors as the darker evenings creep up on us. We want to stay all cosy and warm. As we are spending more time inside, it seems like a good time to try a few new products around the home.You might want to get a snuggly feeling going by buying a few candles, lamps and throws. It can be fun to refresh some of your home decor like this and get in a few new things for the season. 

You might want to get practical things that make your home more efficient such as smart meters or zonal heating through a WiFi Heater, as you know that your energy usage is now going to increase. 

Maybe a dryer is on the cards for you as you try to figure out how you are going to get through your piles of washing now that the weather has turned.  Perhaps you are dreaming of warm stews and hearty casseroles so plan to invest in a slow cooker and have fun experimenting with some slow cooker recipes

Autumn style

It is time to start moving into your warmer clothes, so perhaps it is time to add a few new pieces to your wardrobe. Take an hour or two to go through your wardrobe and throw anything that you haven’t worn for a while or that you just know you will not wear again. When you have finished decluttering it, you can see more clearly any items that you might benefit from adding.

You could add in some chunky knits, knee-length boots, warm coats and pinafores. Go for autumnal colours and pieces that make you feel good about yourself. 

Whilst you are refreshing your wardrobe, book yourself in for a haircut, and colour if you fancy it. Go for something new and it will give you an extra boost. You will be rocking it along with those new clothes.

What do you do when it comes to autumn?

Charlotte xx

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