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Moving house is one of the most stressful things which you can do. As many of you may know this is something which we did last summer. We combined two houses into one and created our first family home which was amazing. There was a lot of stress involved due to things keeping going wrong. One element which saved us a lot of stress was having a removal company.

Due to the nature of our move we moved 50 miles from my house and around 25 from where we had been living. On top of this we had some things at Joe’s parents another 70 miles from the new house. This meant that we could not do everything alone. The stress was already high because this is what you find when you are purchasing a house.

There was a lot of logistical planning which went into moving house. It was almost like a military operation but a lot more organised. It including having to hire a van from a company to be able to get the things from his parent’s house. We had a storage unit which we was using to put purchases in alongside things we had already moved. This meant that we did not have to purchase as much when we moved. There was only a period of around 2 weeks after the move before Joe deployed again.

One day while we were in the storage unit we realised how full it had become. We had planned to do the removals ourselves to save money. We knew it was going to be a number of trips between the unit and the new house. Of course, this was going to cost us a lot of time and also money in fuel

The reason that we had decided that we were going to do it ourselves because removal costs would be high. This could not have been further from the truth. I was pleasantly surprised we managed to do it in all in one trip with a huge van and a smaller van. Of course, there were smaller elements which had to go in our car mainly fragile pieces I was worried about. It took the removal men around 3 hours to empty the storage unit. It was a huge 100sq ft unit, and there was two of them. I seem to remember Joe had to help them to get it done quicker as well.

We paid around the £300 mark for this service, which I did not think was too bad. This was due to the distance as well for them it was almost a whole day job. For sure it would have taken us longer and we would have had to sort out childcare. I am sure that we saved money because we would have to have hired a van and also pay fuel. This did save us having a huge argument as well which is not doubt something which would have happened.

When I checked at the price of the removal van against what the average is I realised we got an amazing deal. I hate speaking on the phone so I wish I had known about get a mover. This would have meant I did not have to make calls because they get quotes of local removal companies. They then email you the quotes because we all know when you are moving house you do not have a lot of time. There is always something else which needs to be done.

I am so glad that we spent the extra money and got the removal men which we did. It saved us a lot more stress which is always a bonus everything was put in our garage so we could sort it as and when we needed it rather than rushing. For sure if we were to move house again no matter how far away from our current home I would be looking at get a mover in order to get quotes. Anything which makes life less stressful is always a bonus to me.

Have you moved house did you use removal men or did you do it yourself?

Charlotte xx

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