2019- A Review of The Year

How can it already be the end of the year and time to do a review of 2019. I think this must have been one of the quickest years recently. For sure this does seem to have gone past us in the blink of an eye. Today I am going to share with you a review of the year 2019. Maybe it is because I have spent so much of the year pregnant. However, I know it is going to be worth it and I will not spend much of 2020 pregnant.  So now it is time for us to look back on 2019.


I know this is a month that people struggle with dealing with. Since the festive season is now over. For Jess and I it was the start of a period of it just been the two of us. Since Daddy had to go away with work something which he had to do a number of times throughout 2019. I am sure this is not going to change either in 2020. Jess did have her first party which she was invited to by a nursery friend . Who hired a local soft play place this was the start she would attend 4 more throughout the course of the year. January was not all great times I managed to get the flu while still solo parenting. It completely wiped me out that much that I had to have a nap when we visited my brother at his uni. Hopefully, the flu is something which I manage to avoid again in the future.


The snow decided to come and pay a visit which is always nice when you have nowhere to go. However, my Mum and I did we headed to Manchester to see Boyzone for the final time this was part of her Christmas Present.  Of course, February has Valentine’s Day and Joe and I celebrated by having a dine-in meal for two. We do not go that crazy when it comes to Valentine’s however, I did bake some cookies for him. We also had our first day out of the year we went over to Sheffield to go to the national emergency service museum.  I am unsure if this is a place which we will be visiting again in the future.


Again March was another month which saw me having to solo parent for a period of time. I have to admit it does not get easier. It was not all dumb and gloom this month we did manage to take Jess to see my rugby team. She really loved it is good to see her getting into a passion of mine. I am sure we will be going to more games in the future as well. However, the most exciting thing which happened this month was that we got our Rabbits. We rescued from a local pets at home but their charity element.  Tracker and Marshall have become a welcome addition to the family. They may not love been handled however they are a lot more loving as the year has gone on.


We had the easter bunny come and visit we even hosted an Easter egg hunt. This was followed by a family BBQ because the weather was super nice which is always a huge bonus. Hopefully, this is something else which we can manage to do again in the future depending on when Easter falls. We were very lucky to work with some amazing brands this month as well. First, we went to the baby and bump expo and little did we know that by the end of the year we would days off meeting the final addition to our family. For sure this gave us some inspiration. We also had an amazing day out at Hammerton Zoo which is a place I had not heard about previously.  The grandparents even joined us so it was a nice family day out. We also managed to transform our garden this month however, after the heatwave and the crazy amount of rain we have had this year you would not be able to tell.


For some reason I have not much memory of May.  Maybe it is due to the fact that I spent most of the month with a bad knee. I think this is going to be investigated further next year as it can still cause me some discomfort.I have not been able to have due to being pregnant. Of course, this month saw me turn 24 I have to admit we did not do much for my birthday. I think we got a Chinese or something similar I honestly can not remember this shows how memorable it was. May also saw the return of the warm weather which pleases me because sunshine always makes me happier than the cold dull days we have at this time of year.


This was exciting was an exciting month for us got it confirmed that we were expecting Player 4. However, it was going to be another month until we announced this to family. We had decided that we did not want to tell them until we had our first scan as a result of this being our rainbow baby. The baby was due early 2020 however, could arrive in 2019. Jess and I had another period where it was just the two of us again this month which seems to becoming a bit of a trend this year. We also had a nature treasure walk organised by nursery which was nice even if it was boiling at the time. I am sure this is something which I would like to do again if they do it. June saw us celebrate Joe’s birthday and Father’s Day mixed into one because of the fact he was away. I think we have only spent 1 of the 4 father’s day together since Jess has been born.


July saw us have our first scan and some of the anxiety was removed once we saw the baby had a heartbeat. It helped we got to hear the babies heartbeat a couple of times this month. We had planned to go strawberry picking however, we left it a little bit too late. This meant that we ended up going raspberry picking instead. To be honest that was as fun and not something which I have done in the past. We had a heatwave this month which I struggled in I think there was times I had my feet in the paddling pool reading a book in the shade. I certainly remember having to keep the curtains closed because it was over 30 degrees this is not normal for Yorkshire.For sure you do not want it to be a heatwave when your pregnant. For sure I will not forget the heat of the summer of 2019.


This is always one of my favourite months because this is summer leave month. Which means Joe usually has all of the month off. This was the month which we said goodbye to having a gaming room for Joe and hello nursery.  This is something which I will be sharing with you in the next few weeks. We also announced online that we were expecting this month we felt comfortable that we had now hit a safe point. Family days were also something which we did a few of in August we did not spend tons of money. We had fun at the park and also building forts while the weather was not amazing. Jess also managed to cram in 3 birthday parties this month it just goes to show what a social butterfly we have on our hands.


Of course, September is the month of Jess’ birthday she turned 4 I can not believe how quickly this time has gone. We hosted a family bbq for her and the grandparents it was something small but a day which she enjoyed never the less. This is something which I always think is important. As part of her birthday treat we headed to Lego Manchester, Lego is something which Joe and Jess are really into.  We managed a trip to the beach the last one of the year before the weather tends to turn.  September also saw Jess attend her last birthday party of the year one of her little friends who has a bouncy castle and party at home. This was a lovely party hopefully Jess does get invited to a few next year.


October was a strange month because we was actually preparing for Joe to go away for nearly 6 weeks. Not something which you really want when you are 7 months pregnant. We managed a family trip to Hull Fair this is something which has become a tradition. We went with grandparents, my brother and his girlfriend. I think is going to be something which Jess treasures more as the years go on. We managed some baking which is something which we always turn to when the weather turns. There was also a trip to a baby expo because of course, we are always looking at baby things at the moment. Of course, Jess had to dress up for Halloween she went as a witch which we had from the previous year. We did not go trick or treating this was due to me been pregnant and the weather been really pants.


This was a strange month I think we spent most of it counting down to the end of it because Joe was home. November was a busy month I managed to get a double ear infection not something which at all was nice. There was stages were I could barely hear. This did not stop me visiting a Christmas Market with my parents and Jess even though it was not overly festive. I did try one of the spiciest cheese which I have ever had before. I also had a weekend away which part of my family Christmas meal this is something we want to do because it is getting harder to spend time together as a family. We all have so much going on and live a little distance apart now.


This is a month which of course, we have not completely finished at the moment. However, we have done most of the month. We have managed to visit all of the family some of them who we have not seen for around a year. I know this is bad but it is because of the fact we have been so busy. We also managed a weekend away I guess you could call this a babymoon we went to Forest Holidays. We have been before to one similar and you can read our thought about it here. I am will be doing another review of the on we visited at Keldy. We have managed to make some tasty baked treats as well. This is something which I like to do every Christmas. Of course, we are still waiting for Player 4 to arrive of course, this is something which could happen at any time now.

What have you managed to do this year?


Charlotte xxx


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