Life Is Making My Hair Fall Out

Recently I have been having so much stress I am sure that it is making my hair fall out. If it is not the stress of having to hand my university undergraduate dissertation in on time, on top of having other assignments.  Of course, I have the crazy toddler who can have tantrums which mean that I actually want to scream and pull my hair out. I keep joking that my hair is always falling out due to my hair aways molting. I shed more than your average dog I think I might have two coats like a pug.  I have googled it and found out it is normal to lose 50-100 strands of hair per day anyway so I guess I am normal.

I thought today I would share with you some of the stories which have left me wanting to pull my hair out. Some are Jess related stories and some are non-parenting related.

One day we were sat on the train home which is very normal for us. Nursery had taken Jess’s vest off which mean that she only had a top on nothing underneath she managed to get her arms out of the straps on the pushchair and then take her top off. I think I was busy reading a book or something similar so I did not realised that my child had become a stripper and was now topless. It was pretty embarrassing because she kept shouting so that people would look at her and she managed to do this a couple of times on the same day.  It’s safe to say that the straps have now well and truly been tightened meaning she can’t do this again.

I think it’s safe to say that Jess has selective hearing and she chooses to hear what she wants. For example, if I have told her we are doing something on a set day or we have a treat she can have when we get home she will not forget and will repeat it several times till she gets it. Once I swear she mentioned getting sweets when we got home constantly for a couple of hours. It does make me not want to tell her she is going to get something nice before we are at home.

I am someone who wears a lot of vest tops no matter if it is the winter or the summer. Jess has a habit to pull the neckline of them down which has meant that she has several times she has exposed my bra and boobs to other people. This has been embarrassing because it always occurs at times when we are in public. I am sure more than enough people have seen my boobs and including people who have not wanted to which is never nice.

Another thing which makes me want to tear my hair out is the fact that Joe will find out that he is going away with work however, plans can change right up till the day they go. Even when he is away things can change for example the day he is coming back can be put back days/ weeks which means that we can not plan anything. This is something which is very annoying and means that we can not be a normal family.

People asking me when I am going to either get married or have another child is something which makes me want to pull my hair out as well. Just because I have a child who is coming up to 3 does not mean that I want another one at the moment or because of the fact that I have been dating someone for a period of time we want to tie the knot. At the moment the focus is on getting a family house so we can feel like we are more of a complete family than we do at the moment and this is something which is annoying.

I hate the way my hair is falling out or sheding a lot at the moment and if it does not improves I can see me having to take action. Recently been looking at the hair transplant cost at the Harley Street Hair Clinic, as I feel I may need some serious help from them if things don’t start to improve for me soon. After all, I need princess’ hair in case we do get married in the future for the wedding pictures.

What makes you want to tear your hair out?


Charlotte xxx

This post is in collaboration with Harley Street Hair Clinic

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