No Buy November Tolietries Edition

Tolietries are something which I seem to some how have a huge collection of I know I purchase every single Lush collection but the truth is I still have not looked fully at the Christmas collection and it has been out a whole month now. I think I am actually falling out of love with the company because of the fact that I have so much of the brand. 

The only problem is that I end up having the extra stuff for months, sometimes years.For example I have just used some Lush snow fairy shower gel which was out of date at the end of 16 which is over a year ago. This is kind of when I realised that there is a problem and because of the fact that I am actually saving up for a house and instead of spending money on toiletries when I could be spending the money on Christmas presents for people who I need to be still get or putting it in the savings account for the house.

I know that is is very likely with Christmas coming up in just a few of weeks away I am more likely to get even more products which is something which does not bother me but due to the fact that I have so much already I feel like I should be doing something in order to reduce the amount I have. I only want to use some products up I do not want to throw things away for the sake of it.

I will be allowed to purchase items should I need them and have nothing else which could do the job for example if I run out of toothpaste I will allow myself to go out and repurchase it I am not going to try and not brush my teeth for example or use something else which will not do the job. At the end of the month I am going to report what I have actually been able to use up at the moment while I write this I know there is a fair few products which are nearly empty that with a kick up the bum I will be able to finish this month. 

I am hoping if this is a success to be able to do it for a few months next year in order to be able to get my collection down because currently I know it is out of control and I am dreading having to move it when I move house hopefully next summer because I know some of my bath bombs will damage in transit so I hope to be able to use them up. Also it will mean that I should have even more money in my pocket as I will not need to repurchase till a lot is gone.

Have you ever gone on a no buy toiletries?

Charlotte x

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