Dear Dada- The week of Charity  

Dear Dada

So another we passes and we are now only 3 days away from your return. Not that we believe it till you actually get on that plane we are not actually getting our hopes up that you will be back on Wednesday. Even I keep saying it’s 10 days till your back so maybe I know something that you don’t.
This week has been a strange one mummy has the week off however that did not mean a week of lounging around in our Pyjamas and watching paw patrol or whatever else I can force her to watch on nick jr. Nope we headed off to York for 4 days so that mummy could smash some more of this work that she seems to have stacks of at the moment. I swear she must be miles ahead of anyone else
students are meant to be hungover and party animals right I don’t think mummy is that anymore.

This week saw me take a lot of things which we no longer wanted to nusury for the shoebox appeal. I know I am a very lucky girl to have so many toys and nice things and some children have nothing I donated some brand new tights, socks even hundreds of pencils so that they can draw pictures like me. I have been told if I keep doing nice things like this that if I am lucky I might get some Christmas presents.

Thursday was a day which I helped Mummy we stayed at home all day. I didn’t even get out of my pajamas and we cleaned the worst room in the house. A teenage boys room we uncovered so many gems even a peppa pig cuddly toy that mummy got for her 18th birthday which I have now claimed. While sorting out we managed to find a lot of things which we didn’t need anymore so we put them in a bag for for the charity shop and on Saturday took 3 bags full of donations to help raise even more funds. This included things such as DVDs and books but mummy still has about 200 books to read so don’t worry we will still be needing a good bookshelf when/if we get a house.

Friday saw me do something else charitable it was Children In Need. Of course, this is another excuse for me to dress up at nursery this year I rocked a pudsey Tshirt and dotty skirt which you saw in a haul a week ago and the pudsey bow. Of course I smashed it and nursery couldn’t believe how good I looked of course I couldn’t have done it without mummy we know she puts together my outfits.

This weekend we have had a pretty chilled one to be honest we took the charity items on Saturday which gave us a walk. On the evening I watched my first film on Netflix I watched the postman pat movie. I haven’t seen pat much before but I loved the film even though the cat is called Jess and is a boy what’s that all about. Sundays at the moment are a pretty chilled day of course I had my standard bath so I am clean for the start of the week. Mummy ordered a few more Christmas presents gosh she is smashing it not many more I think and she will be done even though she says she hasn’t bought me anything yet.

Anyway Daddy I better go before mummy catches me using her laptop. I love you and hopefully will see you very soon.

Love your princess Jess xxxxxxx

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