Dear Dada- Hurry Up Home

Dear Dada

I think you need to hurry up home because the as the weeks go on the bad things which keep happening to us keep growing. This week saw me break another replacement pram the back wheel came off again so I had to get a pram which I was way to big for really but lucky on Saturday I actually got mine back I have really missed it as it has been 3 weeks and there is nothing like your own comfy pram.

On top of having to travel home from York with a back wheel missing from the pram this week with the grandparents away, Mummy thought it would be the best time to become ill. I don’t think she actually planned it because she has to take 3 days off uni and spent them on the sofa with a blanket. She must have felt horrible as you know she doesn’t like to stop usually but she had to despite this she was still completing work and has managed to do the first draft of an assignment due in December. I am sure this is something which we should be proud of because a lot of people wouldn’t have done any work at all.

This meant that I have only been to nusury 2 days this week which means that have spent a lot of time watching tv. Just because it keeps me quiet and happy as I can’t really play outside when it is cold and mummy is unwell. I now love Peppa pig and Fireman Sam. I think Mummy is happy about that because she can watch Sam so easy and finds it a good easy watching programme.

On Saturday we had to go collected the pram so we took a trip to some bargain shops which saw us purchase a few more sneaky Christmas presents. Don’t worry I will not tell you who for or even what they were because I am an evil person like that I know secretly you love me. I finally managed to pick up a Children In Need top for Friday because it’s a dress up day at nusury and you know how I love to smash the occasions. Well I secretly think it’s mummy who loves to do it nearly as much as me.

On Sunday we was hunting out shoeboxes and small items which we did not need anymore because we are doing the shoebox appeal at nusury. I understand that I am a very lucky girl who has a lot of things whoever there are some people in the world who do not even have a toothbrush. I think we managed to get 6 shoeboxes and some things so we can help these people. I think nusury will be very happy about me been able to help them do something so special.

This week even saw me were my poppy bow which you might have seen mummy posted a picture on Facebook of the bow. I was such a good girl and managed to complete the minutes silence multiple times because we watch so much sport and that have been doing them for a couple of weeks. I even know why we do it and I am proud to have you as my Daddy because I know that without you we might not be here and safe.

I love you and miss you so much Daddy. Promise I will see you in only 10 days now.

Jess xxxxxx

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