Use 17 in 17 Update 3

As you may remember way back at the start of the year I wanted to use up 17 products in 2017 I actually did take the pictures for this way back in September but have had so many other posts which I have wanted to get up in the meantime this is why this one has taken so long to be posted. In the last update, I had managed to finish one item which was the collection concealer. Since then I have actually managed to finish the Revlon colour stay foundation as well which make me happy as I knew this is a product which I have had for way too long and needed to use up this year.

This is a product that for sure I can see a huge difference in because of the fact that there was for sure nowhere as near as much pan on the blush in the last update and now it has crumbled and there is only a very small amount left. This means that using this product can be very hard now because it is hard to get some on your brush. For sure if this is not a product which has been used up by the next update which I think will be in December it will be one which will be heading in the bin because I have used as much as I think is possible to. 
I actually managed to lose the urban decay primer potion which is very annoying because it has meant that I have not been able to make any progress on this hopefully, this is going to be an item which I find because I want to be able to use it as it is a product which I really love. I think Jess got her hands on it and I do not know where she actually put it. 
Benefit porefessional is an item which I have made a little bit of progress on since the last update it is not one which I have been using all of the time and this could be the reason why I have not complete it yet. I have now got below the benefit writing which means that I am getting a lot of use out of this product when I remember to use it. I think should I actually start using this more than I have been there is a huge chance that this will be used up before the end of the year. This for sure is something I would like because it is not my favourite product in this challenge. 
This is another benefit product which I am trying to use up and I have actually had to take the stopper out of this product in order to be able to use a little bit more of the product out because of doing this it means that I have been able to use more of the product from the side rather than taking it down. I know that if I keep using this product it will mean that I will be able to properly be able to use the whole thing up more so as I use more highlight in the winter months for some reason. I really do want to get this finished before I lose it again. 
I do not think that I have actually touched since the last update because it just shows how much I do not love the product which is hard for me to say because usually give it the best try and actually want to use the product up till the end.  The pigmentation is so poor I have to use so much of it when I use the pallete and also it has so much fallout and at the moment I do not have the time to be dealing with it.I am highly unlikely to use it again I might actually end up throwing this one away. Or actually having to force myself to use it at least once a week so that I do make some progress.
This is a product which I have been using a little bit at a time I think there is now less than a 1/4 left in this product. I think that I have been using this a couple of times a week but I know I need to use more of the lip balm to keep my lips in good condition and this is one which I am loving because I have been wearing more matte lipsticks which means that my lip balms need to keep my lips softer because otherwise, I feel like my lipstick does not look as good as it could. This is a product which I would love to finish before the end of the year because I am sure it is possible. 
This is a product which I have used a hell of a lot because of the warm weather which we had been having this summer I managed to be able to get a complete ring of pan. This is a product which I have not managed to use so much because of the fact that I have been using some other products which have halted the progress on this item. I am sure that this is a product which I am not going to complete this year however, I am sure I will be getting a little bit more use out of this product the year is out. It is only when I look back on the last update that I realise how much progress I have made on this product. 
This is the NYC lip stain in smooch proof and for some reason like the idiot I am I have taken this picture the wrong way around.l I think I am up to the S in Stain however it can be pretty hard due to the packaging to see how much of this you have used. I have found myself having to twist this product up a lot more maybe this is because the product is drying out it could be for another reason. I have been using this one for days when I just want something subtle to wear to university. I would love to get to the end of the word stain before the next update but I am unsure how possible that is because I have been loving a lot of different lip shades recently.

Again it is hard to see how much of the stain I have used but I was about the same as the one in smooch proof but I think I am actually up to the A in stain. I have not been reaching for this one as much for some reason maybe it is because I have been loving some other shades a hell of a lot more and I have found the staying power on these is not great. I hope again to get to the end of the word stain with this before I do my next update I must remember to put them in my bag and then I will actually reach for them more.

The Rimmel scandleyes in Nude is another one which I do not think I have sharpened which means that it will not have got any smaller. I am unsure if I actually reached for this item this is something which I really need to change because I loved it so much.I do not know the reason that I have not reached for it I think I might have to hide the new one of this product so I make sure that I am actually using the same one every time rather than using one which could be a different pencil. I think that I need to actually start using it because then I may see some progress.

Another product which I have not used because I lost it for a few months and obviously when it is lost I can not use the product.  I am talking about the Essence  Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Black Fever. I seem to remember that this was not the greatest eyeliner and have ones which I prefer so reach for them when I want eyeliner. It is not a thing which I usually apply every day anymore because I want to be out the door as quickly as possible now because I fear to missing my train.

The body shop shimmer lip gloss in Cranberry is one which I have only used a handful of times because I have found that it is too sticky for me. I hate sticky lipgloss when you have long hair you hate this kind because they seem to always too sticky with you hair. I think the packaging does not entice me a lot I have put this next to my bed now and may apply it when I go to bed in order to hydrate my lips and actually get some of the product used up. I would love to make some more visible progress with this product in the next few months because I really do want it to be used up.

I think that I have halved the size of the Essence concealer I can not actually think of the name of it and it has rubbed off I think it is antispot. I am amazed how much progress I have managed to make on this because at the start of the project I thought this would be one which I would struggle with due to it being a stick form. I think that if I continue to use the product at the rate which I have been doing it could be one of the next products to be used up. I think I am just going to continue because shock this is one of the only items I am happy with the progress of on.

The final item in this update because I have managed to miss place my soap and glory lipstick and on and on bronze cream eyeshadow that is what you get when you let Jess play near your make up. The final item is the Lush Santa Baby lip scrub the dip in this has got a lot deeper than it was when I put this in the project. This is one which I know for sure I will be using more in the next few months because I wear more matte colours as I am at work and I need them to last and for that you need amazing lips. I do not aim to finish this product I just aim to make some decent progress on this scrub. I would love to hit pan on the bottom of the jar.

Have you used any products recently or any challenges like this because I love looking at the updates.

Charlotte x

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