Jim Chapman- 147 Things Book Review

Youtuber books are something which we have seen a rise of in the past couple of years from the likes of Zoella and Fleur De Force even though I have been subscribed to them in the past I have not purchased these books. However, recently Jim Chapman another, famous YouTuber who I have been subscribed to for a long period of time. I was very lucky to receive a copy of his book 147 things which is something which excited me as remember watching his video when he announced that he was going to bring out a book out and had been meaning to pick it up when it was released. 
147 things is not an autobiography or a fiction story book like other YouTubers have been. In Jim’s own word’s it is a guide to the universe which means that it is a non-fiction I have so many questions which I thought I was the only one who thought about when I can not get to sleep. There are even things which I have never even thought about which is shocking because I thought I was completely random.  
I think one of my favourite facts in the book is number 48 which is Honey bee’s and how their testicles explode when they use them which is something really random it may be the childish side of me which find this so funny. I wonder what would happen should humans do the same. This book does have an element of personal information it does feel like Jim is a friend who is telling you about these facts and letting you get to know him a little bit more which is something I enjoy. You can for sure tell that Jim has written the book because it is exactly like he is in his videos which is something which I think is a fantastic thing. 
I have loved how due to the facts only been a page or two I can read a few of them when I have a little bit of spare time for example when I am commuting or on my lunch break from university. It is a good book which you will laugh out loud and it does take your mind of things which may be going on in your life currently. This I think only took me a few days to get through and is for sure on which I will be recommending to other people to pick up even if they have not viewed any of his videos in the past.  The pictures in this book or doodles as you may call them are stunning I wish I could have some of them printed and frame them because they are actually that nice.
This for sure has taught me a lot of new facts and is something which I am sure that every age group will laugh out loud with and enjoy and for sure is going to be on a fair few people’s Christmas list this year. I am so grateful to receive a signed copy of this book as it was something which I was going to pick up for myself when the book was released. I would recommend getting your hands on a copy of this book and you can do that on amazon. You can check out more of his video’s here and also an exclusive Q&A here.
Have you read the book yet or is it on your wishlist?
Charlotte x
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