Dear Dada- The Wheels On The Bus

Dear Dada 
Woo another week has past which of course means that it is another week closer to you return I think there are only about 5 more times that I have to borrow mummy laptop to write to you because very soon I am going to be able to just tell you what I have been up to when we have been apart. This week has been one of the most challenging because of the fact that we have had to deal with a train strike two days on the days which mummy has 9am lectures. This has meant that we have had to be getting the bus a 6.20am do you know how early that it. I must admit I have been taking a nap on the bus because it takes so long and I am a princess who needs her sleep after all. Roll on next week when I only have to take one bus and that is to make mummy’s life a little bit more simple. 
This has meant that I have been getting to nursery for about 8.20 in a morning which means that I do actually do get the breakfast which is nice for me because I am one who loves my food and when you are having breakfast at 5.30am and mummy bans me from drinking coffee I need to get my own source of energy somehow. I have had so much fun there this week I have been playing doctors in the new set up the kitchen has now gone and we have got a doctors area and I am always trying to make the dolls and some of my friends feel a lot better. See I am a caring person as well as being a little terror who is always on the crazy side of life. 
Yesterday saw me go into town because I needed my feet measured as you might remember my shoes were getting a little bit past it and I think my feet have grown some as well. We yes that is the case now I am the proud owner of a pair of 6 1/2  cheesy feet. Much to the delight of mummy I have now got rid of my smelly doodles however, I do not think that she is a fan that it cost her nearly £80 shoes which are never great. I am very thankful because I now have an amazing pair of silver trainers which flash so brightly when I walk and then I have beautiful pair of tan boots which are going to look amazing with some of my dresses. 
Sunday we did a lot of chilling out because of the fact that mummy has some uni work to do which is never fun and she did manage to sort out a lot of my old clothes because my feet have grown I need some more socks. 
I think this week I am going to be as busy as I have 5 days at nursery because I know that mummy has lots of work to do for university and this means that I really need to behave for her so that she does not get very stressed out. I think that if I behave this week she might actually take me to the fair which as you remember was pretty cool like last year. I am hopefully going to be able to go on some of the rides because you know how much I like this. 
I love and miss you so much, daddy 
Jess xxx

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