Dear Dada- Oh No I’m Sick

Dear Dada

This week has not been the greatest I decided that I was going to pick up the winter bug which saw me throw up all over nursery on Monday. Of course this meant that I could not go back for the next 48 hours which is not ideal when mummy had lectures and nobody to look after me. So she had to miss them and work from home in order to look after me which is always fun. A bonus for her is that she got cuddles and I am not a cuddly person anymore and I think she missed that from me. Maybe it’s a hint we should get a puppy or a baby sister/brother to cuddle mummy.

I am finally feeling better I think I felt a bit better on Wednesday because all I did was watch peppa pig on mummy’s iPad. She has told me if I keep watching she might turn into a bacon sandwich I think I watched it that much mummy was fed up. I was that poorly that I had to put my duvet and pillow on the sofa so I could sleep and mummy could get on with work which she had to do.
I did manage to go back to nursery on Thursday and have a good couple of days without been sick. I still do have smelly nappies and I am sure your name is mud sometimes when mummy has to change them because of the fact that you are missing them. You might have to do a fair few when you get back because do the fact you have missed hundreds. It did take me till about Saturday to start wanting food again which as you know is not like me.

Saturday saw use celebrate Grandad’s birthday so we sent him to watch city and we headed into town so that mummy could get a new railcard. As well as take my pram back because it is back making silly noises and I know you wouldn’t like it if you came back home now. Don’t worry they have sent it off and hopefully it will be fixed before you get home.

Today has seen us have a chill day something which I think we need more than once a week. Mummy has really bad earache which means that I have to trying to make too much noise because it hurts for her. I demanded we had a tea party today so this is something which happen check our Instagram to see the picture. Mummy watched the f1 while I slept I think she enjoyed the race.

I can not believe how close we are to having you back. I love you and miss you Daddy.

Jess xxx

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