Dear Dada- I need to rest

Dear Dada 
I can not believe that it has been a whole week since you had to leave, this means that it is getting a lot closer to be able to be able to get you back. I am missing you so much don’t you worry I am not going to forget about you I am just going look forward even more to the crazy memories which we are going to make when you are back. I think mummy has told me that it is only around 6 weeks till you are back so I am sure that it will go pretty fast because as you know we live our lives in the fast lane and nothing seems to be getting anything quieter. Mummy is making us even busier which is crazy I think someone needs to tell her that sometimes I need to play at home with my toys. 
Saying that on Monday Mummy let us have a day at home because of the fact that we had been so busy in the past week or so which you were at home. I think she needed some time to basically to do some jobs at home because she did manage to get some of my clothes sorted out and put away. She also managed to get the pictures of my coats and Halloween outfits took on because she wants to get them on eBay because this is something which people will be looking for in the next couple of weeks. This does mean she is going to have more money to spend on my amazing Halloween outfit because I already have coats for when it comes colder. 
Of course, because of the fact that Mummy is back at uni now, it does mean that I am having to go to nursery every single day. I know that sometimes it breaks mummy’s heart that I am crying when she does my drop off it is just I miss her and I also sometimes worry that she is not going to come back and pick me up even though I know this is been stupid. I have been playing with a lot of my friends I have continued to make more friends and now even play doctors with them because this is a new area which nursery now have and I am loving it. 
Grandma allows me to stay at home on Friday because as you know Mummy is only in university for a couple of hours and it is a very much a rush for her as you might remember because she has to go the middle of nowhere for the lecture. I had so much fun and she even treated me to a Lush bath because I have been such a good girl all week and I really needed a bath. Then Mummy came home after and only stayed a couple of hours because she headed to Leeds for the rugby, unfortunately, we did not win which means that she will not end up going to Manchester next weekend. 
This weekend has seen us have a little bit of a quiet one because we needed a little bit of a break and of course it meant that mummy has to do some university work because she had taken a chunk of the Friday off doing anything Uni related and it is only a couple of weeks she has to submit some basic work in which means she has to do a lot of reading and it does not look fun at all. 
This upcoming week we are going to be busy because of the fact that we have to get the bus a couple of times this week because of the train strike, if only you were in York it would not mean that we had to get up at 5.15am which sounds painful. If I am a good girl I think we are going to have to head into town to see if my feet have grown because Mummy thinks that my toes are getting closer to the end and more tight. 
I miss you so much Daddy
Jess xxxx

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