Dear Dada- See You Soon 

Dear Dada 
Wow can you believe it by the time your actual reading this you might be back in the UK I know that you will need some good things to read on the train up to see us so why not actual read some of my ramblings. I can not believe that on Wednesday that I will actual be able to see you I almost think it is a dream I do not think that until mummy tells me that you are in the UK I will not believe that you are going to be back and I can actually bully you. Ekk I am excited I think that I am going to look for your plane all day when I find out that your in the sky because I want to find your plane because then it might mean you come home so much faster. 
This week has been fun because we have been super productive because of the fact that I think mummy has so much to do before you return/ before she goes back to university. Monday she managed to picture the majority of my old clothing because of the fact that the she wants to put it on eBay which I am sure she would do to me if she could when I annoy her. Actually maybe etsy because of the fact that she made me and she might get more money there. I think that she is doing pretty well at selling it which is good because otherwise she would have stacks of clothes just in case I get a sibling who is a girl.
On the days which I have been at nursery painting pictures as well as my own body and shoes which I do not think that pleased mummy very much because she had to was them. She has done a lot of blogging which means that she has some posts ready for when she is going to be busy doing work for uni because this is going to be a priority rather than actually blogging even though this is something which she would rather do. I have been making sure that I mingle with other children now I have moved upstairs because of the fact there is more children who I can play with and they are not all babies who can not play. 
I even have managed to stop crying when I get dropped off at nursery because I have been crying every single day when I have been getting dropped off which is good because I know it was hard for mummy because of the fact that it pulls at her heart strings every single time because she feels bad that she actually has to leave because I am so upset. So hopefully this is something which I can keep up with and the staff upstairs are amazing and only have to ask me if I want to make a picture and I am happy. 
This weekend we went to town on the Saturday because Mummy need to pick up somethings for my birthday and as you know she is not the most super organised person which is not great. I think she had click and collected them and needed to order wrapping paper because you can not order that online which is not the greatest. I did managed to get some items which I could have now I managed to get some bows because of the fact one of our favouite bow ladies had a stall in the town which of course meant that I need to visit because mummy can not resist purchasing me bows because they look cute in my hair. 
I love you so much I can not wait to see you soon and give you the world’s biggest hug
From Jess xxxxxx 

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