Dear Dada-  No More Boys 

Dear Dada

Now it August only one more month to get through and then this you should be home even if it is only for a short period of time. This week has gone super fast because it has been a whole week at home for me and mummy no nursery no nothing. I think it is what we both needed some time to actually sleep well I did a fair bit of that because mummy doesn’t seem to be the best at sleeping any more.

The reason I haven’t been at usury was because the boys have ditched us for the nice warm sun in Tenerife. They even had the cheek to buy a paw patrol ball to play with while they were away I hope they bring it back so I can play with it. Since we have been a home a lot this week mummy has been decluttering areas I think it makes her feel like she is achieving something and you would not believe the amount of rubbish she has gotten rid of and managed to find new homes for things. Not that it will last been tidy and decluttering with me and the boys in the house we are always causing mess.

Since they have not been at home and I have had to have tea at home I haven’t been eating in my high chair I have been sat on my booster chair which makes me the right height for the table. If only they was room for me on it all of the time because I enjoy been a big girl maybe I will if we finally get a house together.

I have enjoyed been able to play outside a little bit I am loving my scuttlebug I warn you I am dangerous on it so your going to have to watch your toes when your back and I am on it. I love you really do I promise to not cause that much damage. I have also been playing with the pups at the moment I love pretending to feed them and putting them to bed like they are real animals.

Next week I am going back to nursury and I can’t wait to see all of my friends that I have missed because I have so much fun with them. Time passes faster when I am there even though I am still not loving been dropped off because I am scared mummy will not return.

Love you so much Daddy

Jess xxxxxx

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