Dear Dada- I’m on Holiday Again

Dear Dada 
Another week has gone racing by woo not long now and you will be home don’t forget when you come home it is going to be close to my birthday so that’s just an excuse for you to spoil me even though I know mummy will go mad at you.  This week has gone super fast due to the fact that I have been at Nanny and Grandad’s house which means there has been no nursery just fun all day of course I have loved it because it means playing when I want no having to get up early in the morning to get a train nothing like that. They spoil em and let me eat whatever I want which of course is another bonus. 
Don’t worry about Mummy she has been a super busy girl because as you know she has to keep herself busy so that she does not actually miss us to much because we do not want her to ever get down. The day I went away she went out with a few friends and checked out a couple of new burger places in town which one of them she might make you try because she thinks you might actually like it because we all know you like your food. Mummy also had work this week which was one of the reasons why she couldn’t come with me which is always gutting but I know she has to work because it means that I get treated. It was Ladies day which means that mummy actually wore a dress which is a shock for anyone who knows her but I bet she looked stunning because she is my mummy. Again she went out with friends went for a nice drive it loved just trying to forget the world and all the worries which she has because as you know she worries for England even if we tell her not to. 
Mummy has been trying to use some of that huge lush stash that she has while I have been away because it means that she can have a long bath in peace without me trying to get in which is always a bonus. I think she even managed to read a book which as you know is super rare because she is always on the go. Even though I have been a way it did not stop her looking for some more clothes for me she blames the fact that there was a sale and the weather has become colder which means that I am going to need some warmer clothes. Don’t worry you will be able to see them soon because I will make sure that she hauls them. 
The weekend saw Mummy work again which is never a good thing but at least I was at home when she came home so I think that is a huge bonus because who doesn’t want to see me after a long day at work when I am hyper. Nanny and Grandad managed to get me Marshall and Zuma which means that I had to attack her with them. I think I only need Everest and Rocky and I will have them all. I will be seeing Nanny and Grandad again next week because Mummy is going to Wembley which means that I get some time spent with them. 
I miss you so much Daddy 
Jess xxxx

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