Dear Dada – Back to Back

Dear Dada

Wow, what a week it has been I think this had been one of my favourite weeks since you have been away this may because of the fact that mummy has been super happy. You know when she is happy I can not be a grumpy toddler like I have been in the last couple of weeks which is never fun for mummy I have been keeping her because I have to keep her on her toes.

This week has seen me play outside a lot on Monday because the weather was good and you know I need to actually practice my driving the scuttlebug because I do not want to actually run your toes over when you come home so I have been practicing. I can not wait for you to see how I play it because I know you have not seen it. I also have been watching a lot of paw patrol I know you will be glad that I am still into it because you love the pups nearly as much as me which is pretty cool because we can have a marathon when we get back together in only 3 weeks wooooo.

I have also had my amazing 3 days at nursery which I have been doing a lot of drawing at I missed my friends because I had not been for nearly 10 days which is a long time in my little life. I have to go there to do a lot of drawing because I still have not got the art things at home because I am not going to be at home a lot once mummy goes back to uni but I think if I am a good girl I may get some for my birthday or Christmas.   I even have work on the wall at nursery because my artwork is that good it is my challenge to have one at least a week on the wall. I even have been loving the kitchen which is good as I have been making beans on toast apparently in the play kitchen which means that I am able to cook it for you one day and deliver it in bed to you maybe for your next birthday.

On Friday I had a great fun filled day mummy was super tired because she had got in at something silly like 1 am and I decided to get up at 7 haha serves her right she should have got in and gone to bed earlier. Then Grandad dropped us off at the train station so we could get the train down to Nanny’s and I decided that it was way too warm in the car and I threw up all over the back of the car I do not think he was impressed about this oops. We had to run for the train because of the fact that there was super bad traffic. It was a super busy train which I screamed on for a whole 20 minutes which was not pleasurable for anyone. Then because we knew the train was going to be so busy because of FC been at Wembley Mummy took me on my reins. It means that the walk from the train station to yours which should have taken what 20-30 mins, took 40 mins and we only got half way before Nanny picked us up.

Saturday saw mummy leave me because she was going to Wembley to see the rugby and I was going to stay with Nanny and Grandad which was fun we went to a park which was in the middle of sand but do not ask me where it was and then we had Nanny’s birthday meal. On the other hand, mummy went on the train down to London to meet the rest of the family and then because they had a couple of free hours well they went to the pub but mummy and grandma when to Lush Oxford Street which you know is like heaven and she only managed to spend less than £100 which is amazing for her.

Then it was time to go to Wembley which as you know is a place where Mummy has special memories because last year they finally won there and they had not in the past before. This year she was convinced that they were not going to win again, however, as she would say they nearly f’ed it up and threw the game away but they didn’t and now FC are back to back Challenge cup winners. According to Grandma, there was a stage where mummy was full on shaking she was that nervous and at one stage close to the end of the game crying because she thought that they had messed it up. What can I say she waited 10 years to see them win the cup and I have only been born 2 years and they have won the cup twice since I have been born. I must be a lucky mascot if I was you I would keep the bank holiday in August free next year as they might do it 3 in a row.  Mummy got very drunk and I think she paid for it today.

Today is just a chiling day because we have a train about 7 pm and we are celebrating Nanny’s birthday do not worry we have sorted her a present out because we are the best girls in your life and we are organised what would you do without us?

I miss you so much Daddy next week is September which means that the countdown for you coming home can start wooo.

Love you

Jess xxx

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