August Favoruites

I know only a couple of weeks ago maybe it was not even that long at the moment time is passing very fast for me I shared the products which I class as my summer essentials however, this did not include any make up or anything else. Since it is close to the end of the month I though that I would share the make up which I have been loving this month.

The first product which I have been loving is this quad from Fleur De Force I think the name of it is actually called Cosmic Bronze. I purchased this at the start of the year because I thought I would get a bit of wear out of it and it was reduced. I am not a huge fan of the youtuber hype I would not purchase it just because a youtuber has brought out a range of new products. However, this pallete has an amazing pigmentation and I have noticed that it does last all day I can apply this early in the morning and then when I take my make up off at the day and then it is still on. I use every single shade out of the quad and then one which I used the most is the bottom left which I have found a shade like no other that I own. I would love to try other products the range because I have not been left disappointed by this product. I wish Fleur would bring out more quads as I know she only has two and they are so affordable. 
Another reason why I may have been loving the quad so much maybe because of the Urban Decay Primer Potion which helps your eyeshadow stay on and look as vivid as the moment you applied it. This is something which I have needed because of the fact that this month it has been warm which means that the make up is close to sweating off and when it has been raining this product also helps it stay on your face. I am also giving the stay all night setting spray a mention even though I have run out of it now it is something which I have been using every single time I have been wearing makeup. 

For a while I have not found a base which I have loved but recently I finished my colourstay and have been trailing a few bases since then and this is when I found my love again for the boujois healthy mix serum. This foundation gives me a healthy glow which is something which I look for it is not drying or too matte for me it almost gives you a dewy finish which means that it does look like you have a healthy glow in the summer this is something I am looking for. The coverage is a medium one which can be built up if you are looking for a higher coverage which I have done when I have been going out. This is one which I know that I am going to repurchase however, the fact that my lid does not stay on the foundation is one thing which really bugs me because I feel like I could lose so much of the foundation because of it pumping when it is in my makeup bag.

The final two items are lipsticks which I love this month. The first one is a blogging cult classic and it is the Rimmel 107 which is a staple autumn lipstick however, I have decided that I would crack it out this month because of the fact that we have had some dull days I and I decicided that I wanted to cheer myself up by wearing one of my favourite lipsticks. I even have cracked out my leather jacket out which I usually only have in the autumn months. This is an amazing berry shade and it seems to last a long time as well you can eat and drink and the lipstick can still be seen and it doesn’t have horrible wear line.

The final item which I have loved this month is a lipstick from Lush come on you did not think I could do a favouites without including a lush product did you. I know make up is not what we think of them doing however, Desire is one of their liquid lipsticks which I have worn for over 6 hours without reapplying and touching up and it has still been on my lips. Yes it does mean that you have a little bit of wear but it still looks amazing it keeps so bright as well. It is a classic red which you can pair with anything it does smudge a little bit if you touch it too much before you let it dry so this is something to be aware of. I love how easy it is to wear it is not too drying which is great you do not need to make sure that your lips are in amazing condition to pull of this lipstick unlike with other liquid lipsticks.

What have your favouites been this month?

Charlotte x

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