June Favourites

I have I have not shared a monthly favourites for a long time because I forget when it is the start of the month however this month I have a few beauty items and then a couple of lifestyle items.
The first beauty item is maybelline colour show nail varnish in the couloir purple rain. This is shade which I adore this summer I have had it on my nails and it did not chip for 7 days which is amazing because I am always using my nails and usually they chip so easy. This shade is one of my favourite because I love the colour purple maybe I think I love chocolate and it reminds me of the Cadbury packaging. This polish has not stained my nails which some of the colour show have done to me even when I have had a base coat on.

The next item which I have been loving is the soap and glory peaches and clean which is one of the cleansers which I used to love before I really got into lush products. I apply a thin amount of this to my face every single day and I have even used it as mask all I did was apply this a little bit thicker and I left it on for a longer period of time since I do not have sensitive skin. I do feel it tingling but this is good for me because I love it when I can feel a profit working.

I have also been liking the soap and glory vitamin c face wash which you may remember if you read my winter skincare post. This keeps my skin so clean and it has helped my skin so much stop breaking out because this is something which has been occurring a lot recently. I love how cool this feels because it has been a bonus while it’s being a heatwave. I apply a small amount of the product on my face while I am in the shower.

Lush christingle body conditioner is actually a Christmas item but I purchased a few of these and then I have used these it during the heatwave. The body conditioner is made up of peppermint oil you are supposed to apply this in the shower and then rinse it off. However due to how badly I got sunburnt it means that my skin needed all of the hydration so I actually have been applying it like a body lotion and not rinsing it off. I managed to use a small tub in a couple of weeks I still have two huge tubs which should last me all summer before hopefully it comes out in September when the Christmas range is released.

This month has seen me fall in love with the with the new costa ice drink which is the cherry and orange cooler. I could drink this all year long because I am one of those who drinks the ice drinks in the winter months they refresh me so much. All I can taste in this is the cherry rather then the orange I actually love cherry but I do not think you get enough cherry flavoured drinks. I have been having one of these every single day when Jess has been in nursery I think I need to learn to make them myself.

Shock hold the press I have been watching a tv show because I don’t really watch that much. I have actually fallen in love with love island I have watched every single episode of every single series I remember discovering it when I was pregnant with Jess. This year I do not think it is as good as previous years but that might because people know what the show is. I think I prefer some of the friendships rather than the couples at the moment I love Chris, Montana and Camilla.

The final item which I have been loving is Instagram live I have not actually been live myself yet. However I have become part of a lovely family who go live every single night they are all other parents who either blog or vlog. They have me laughing every single night  and they make the time go fast because nights can be the worse for me when I have time to miss someone. I would tag them all now but I know I will forget one of them and I will feel bad so check out my Instagram if you do not follow me I am @cupsofcharlotte please come over I am nearly at 800 followers.

What have you been loving this month?

Charlotte x

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