Dear Dada- The sky is weeing

Dear Dada

We have another week this has been a testing one for mummy for some reason she has just felt so stressed. I think you need to come home soon a treat her because been a mummy who has to do everything herself is hard and making her need to sleep very much maybe for a couple of weeks I don’t think it helps that I keep waking up before 6.30 even on the weekends.

We have managed to sell some more of my clothing which means that I don’t have as many items anymore which you will be happy about it will mean we have less to move when we finally get our family home. Don’t worry we managed to sell them on eBay which means that we get some pennies for them which mummy can spend on getting me even more clothes.  I have also been a classic Jess and the other day when it started raining I came out with the statement the sky is wee weeing I think mummy nearly weed herself when I did this. I know I am a comedian and I am not even 2 yet.

Of course, I had another jam packed week at nursery even though again on Wednesday I was the only girl I had 6 boys and me. Good job I like and can play with boys well because otherwise, they may have been some huge problems. At the moment I don’t like mummy leaving but I think that’s because I am scared that she is not going to return just like you even though I know you are going to be back very soon. I have been such a good girl and have been painting which is something I have been doing so much I hope you keep looking at your little book I made you before you left when you are feeling down and missing me.

I have had been sleeping so much because it has been so warm it means that when it cools down I need to sleep because I can’t be such a hyper little child all of the time even though I might want to be. I know it is not that possible even though I am not loving laying in anymore but I am sure it will change when the mornings are darker so you will be lucky when your black I might sleep more.
On Saturday mummy was at work again which meant another weekend with grandma and I have been a danger child. I like climbing now but I don’t see the danger and it means that I could injure myself easy I think she thought she might end up having to take me to a&e because I thought I could jump off the sofa which is not clever I have realised this now. I have been playing with some of my old toys and mummy says if I keep behaving she will get my mega blocks out very soon now I am a big girl.

On Sunday we had a family day I even got to do the food shopping because I like to be a big girl and go in the trolley. I can’t walk around because my little legs get very tired very fast because I am only small even though I am very independent. I went to uncle Les house because they had bought me a couple of shirts off their holiday and they are going to be great for nursery. I even managed to watch the f1 with mummy I have a thing for fast cars which could be dangerous when I get a boyfriend you might have to keep an eye on this.

This week we have my first dentist appointment which is scary for mummy because she is taking me without the pram because we have to get 2 buses there and 2 back. Plus I think she is nervous that we are going to bite him seen as I have never been before and do not know what to expect. We also have a huge family BBQ next weekend shock horror you get to miss a big event I think you’re trying to avoid having to meet mummy’s family. How long have you been together and haven’t met them yet? It’s a standing joke now your just going to meet them when I get to wear a pretty dress.

I love you and miss you so much, daddy

Love your little princess Jess xxxxx

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