Dear Dada- My First Dentist Visit 

Dear Dada

Can you believe that it is a year ago this week since we first saw the nursery which I now go to how crazy fast as that gone I can not believe that it has been a year in September since I had wouldn’t leave the chair at nursery and now I am one of the most confident little people you will meet. This week say me have another there has been a fair few of these in my short little life and this was that I had my first trip to the dentist on Monday. I know it is not something which Mummy was looking forward to maybe because she had to take me on a couple of buses each way and because of all the stairs in the dentist had to take me on my reins instead in the pram. At least the most damage I did was destroy the waiting room I did not cry and I didn’t bite the dentist so I am sure this is something which mummy was very proud of me for doing. I passed my check up and do not have to return for another 6 months result.

I have also been to nursery this week which has not been as fun as usual because my little partner in crime has been away on his holidays which means that I have had to play with other children. Mummy has told me that it will not do me any harm but I can not wait for him to come back so we can be crazy again together. I am also losing a couple of my friends to upstairs next week it is not fair I want to move up there because I am a big girl as well. I was that grumpy on Thursday about it when mummy was dropping me off I headbutted her and it has caused her to lose a little bit of her front tooth. I know she was not very happy about this at all she has told me a few times. I think I better do something soon to get back into her good books.

I am liking having these couple of days at home during week but mummy told me that not to get used to them because in only something like 8 weeks it will be over and I will be back at nursery full time as she will back back to uni for  her final year of this degree. Booo it means she will be stressed and always arsey with us again. Plus it will end that she loses a day in which she sorts my clothes out because we all know she loves selling things which are to small for me so she can update the amazing wardrobe I have. 
On Saturday mummy and grandma left me with uncle Daniel so that they could head to town and do some jobs which they needed to do. I didn’t go as they told me it would be very busy because it was pride in town this weekend. I know she picked up another part of a Christmas present which is crazy we haven’t even had my birthday yet. I wonder if she had bought me anything for that yet. Thats if I make it to two without killing myself I am danger child. 
Today sees us have a huge family BBQ which is going to be scary as I have to seen some of the relation since I was about 6 weeks old. Mummy does love how you haven’t even met them yet secretly she thinks that you are planning it so that you never have to meet them. Hopefully it is going to be an nice day and some nice weather for it because there isn’t anything worse than a rainy BBQ. Even though that reminds me of one we had with Nanny and Grandad where it threw it down. 
Next week promises to be a quiet one mummy has an eye test maybe it will show she is as blind as a bat. She is also at work two days so that means I am not going to see a lot of her.
I miss you so much Daddy 
Love from Jess xxx

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