Dear Dada- I’m a big girl 

Dear Dada

Another week has flown by can you believe it and it’s another month down only a few more than then hopefully you will be back. I can’t wait because it means I can have a lot of time exploring with you and showing you what a big girl I am.

Speaking of being a big girl this week saw the lovely amazon man delivered my potty and all of the things which I need for potty training. Mummy tells me I am a big girl because I tell her when I want to go on it and I have even sat on the big toilet with my little seat so I do not fall in. I have managed to do both functions now and my nappies are less soggy when I and wear them. I will have to get mummy to show you my potty because it is very cool it’s a ladybird.

I did my standard 3 days at nursery this week and they told us that in September I am going to be going upstairs with 4 of my friends. Can you believe that I have come so far I have come from not wanting to leave my chair at nursery to been a confident girl who loves exploring and have made so many new friends. The weather had been pretty poo this week which means that we have been doing a lot of painting  we even did handprints the other day. The reason behind this was because it was national handshake day even mummy didn’t know that that existed and she seems to know everything.

Friday we had a really chill day because mummy had to work at the weekend so we let her have Saturday a day early. I was really testing I think she thought that the terrible twos had come a little bit early because she sent me to bed a few times. The grandparents even let me go and take a nap because I didn’t feel like I could cope you know that sometimes everyone needs a break and I think I pushed her that much that she just needed some time away from me. It must be hard for her because unless I am at nursery she doesn’t get a break and even then she is in public.

This weekend saw mummy go for a day at work in York. I think that it was that busy she ended up going to bed so early because a mixture of sun and been busy made us a tired mummy. She got to see Olly Murs after the races however I do not think that she was that good so don’t worry you will not have to go see him in concert.

Sunday saw us have a really chill day in the garden because it was nice and warm. It saw me play with my new bubble machine but I am scared of it and it’s paw patrol hopefully I will get over it. I have been playing on my scuttlebug as well as you saw on Skype. I am dangerous on it because if the fact I like to reverse faster then I can go forward. We also got a treat of dominos on Sunday because nobody could be bothered to make food.

I miss you so much Daddy I can’t wait to see you next week on Skype.

Jess xxxxx

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