Dear Dada- Chilling Like A Villain 

Dear  Dada 
I think we are now almost half way through before you come home for a couple of weeks hopefully near my birthday because I know you really do not want to miss my birthday. Time seems to be flying again which is good because when we are busy it means that we can not miss you as much even though of course we miss you so much every single day don’t worry I know mummy does as well even if she doesn’t tell you this. 
So of course this week started like all the others with a day at home because nobody has time to work on a Monday we managed to do a few house hold chores because we have to be good girls and do boring jobs every now and then. We even had to pop to the post office again because mummy is doing an amazing job at selling some of my old clothes which is great because she can just keep buying me more. Monday saw me get a bath which as you know from when you have given me a bath in the past I love it and it becomes a bit of a crazy old time. I am sad though my squirty foam body wash has run out and we didn’t have anymore so I have to use normal baby one at the moment which is not as fun as my old one sort it out mummy. 
The weather during the week  has not been amazing which means that I have not been able to play outside nursery which means that I have had a lot of energy because I can not run it off that much when I haven’t been able to play out. Which means that I have been such a hyper baby all week which I think will have not been amazing for mummy because she has been so busy trying to organise things for her career such as hopefully getting another work placement and something else exciting as well.She has been able to do a lot of blogging which is paying off because she is working with some amazing brands and her followers are all growing which she is so thankful for so thank you mummy followers she loves every single one of you. Oh this week has seen me having to give Uncle Daniel some sympathy because he decided to get hit by a football at training and has really badly bruised his thumb that the minor injuries put the worldest biggest bandage on this. He actually thought he had broken it mummy and grandad did a lot of laughing at him. 
When Friday actually rolled around we had another crazy day of tidying up and decluttering because mummy is sick of seeing a lot of rubbish all over before the weekend. After a long week because the boys decided to go to the cricket so we got a girly Chinese and watched the rugby of course FC lost again. I decided to steal some of mummy’s takeaway I now love chicken with chilli salt even though it was a little bit to spicy for me I couldn’t stop eating it. I think you might have to try it when we have a Chinese when you are back we have finally found a decent on in Hull how long have we been trying to find a good one. 
Saturday saw me spending a lot of time in doors because I wasn’t feeling to great and it was a little bit too warm for me to be playing outside. So I have been having plenty of naps because a girl really needs to catch up on her sleep over the weekend. It is hard been this beautiful I am sure you appreciate this Daddy. However, when it cooled down a bit we went and played in the back garden and had plenty of fun trying to play rugby and driving my little scutterbug around damm I love my little bike. 
Sunday was a day were we all chilled but of course for me that meant spending about 4 hours in the garden having fun because who wants to be inside when it is a nice day. So when you are looking for house please make sure it has a nice garden so I can live out there in the summer months. I even went to do the weekly shop ok I did get some more clothes but only 3 tshirts because they were reduced and mummy said I could have them. We even made our own ice pops for me so that I don’t get as messy as I would if I was eating an ice cream and they last me longer because I can not just bite them like I do with ice cream. 
Next week promises to be a little bit of a more quiet weekend because I have another day with grandma not that I am complaining because mummy is off out to work again. Woo it might mean I get even more treats hopefully. 
I miss you Daddy so much
Love Jess xxxxxx

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